Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cindy in the Snow

Day two of being snowed in. I haven't left our house since Sunday evening! Graeme has had to go to work both days, they are really busy, but he's just arrived home an hour early! Yipee!

My facebook status from 7 am monday morning:

In the mean time I have had a respark of love for Cindy. When I said I hacked off her lower half, I really did. 

In the last few days I've done most of the blue that you can see. I'm on a roll!! I had a few great emails suggesting I just get a smaller frame rather than doing her embroidered frame and then framing her. I think that's the way to go!

I hope you are all staying warm and happy! :)



  1. You can have one of my small gold frames if you want? easy to repaint too :)

  2. YES!! That would be perfect dont you think!?? Kind of like a mirror mirror on the wall type look?


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