Saturday, August 6, 2011

2 PJ Party!

You've probably heard me lament many times that I wish PJs were acceptable attire in public. Especially these days.

I discovered today that it's perfectly acceptable to go to the supermarket at 9pm and buy milk and cookies in your PJs with a hobble / limp.

Why was I in my PJs? Well, I didn't even realise I was until I was in the carpark of the supermarket and my legs were a little chilly. "Oh well" I thought and continued on my way. Did people look? Sure they did. Did I care? Not an ounce. Did someone let me go before them in the check out line? They sure did. Did everyone give me a pity look? I think so.

Why was I hobbling / limping? I walked a distance to visit a great friend who works at a cafe near our house (and I got free lollycake and coffee!! SCORE!). Previous walks there have taken me half an hour each way (and I'm a pretty fit walker). Well, it was a beautiful day today and I wanted to be outside enjoying it. Against better "I'm 35 weeks pregnant" judgement I walked, and it took me an hour each way. 2 hours walking. I got home and my hips and pelvis felt like they were about to explode. I crawled into bed and waited for my lovely husband to get home and tell me how amazing I am. That did the trick ;) Ouchies.

Afternoon (and night) well spent.


  1. Oh I am feeling that pain - ouch!!! Hope the body relaxs and restores with some rest and I hope you bought chocolate at the supermarket! (That ALWAYS helps!)

  2. I also hope you bought chocolate!

    I think its awesome you didn't realise you had your PJs on! They are so comfy and cute!

  3. I did even better than chocolate - I got chocolate mint slice biscuits!! My absolute fav.

    Yum yum, just thinking about them now. I shouldn't be up this late on a semi empty stomach!! Too many cravings and silly ideas can happen at these hours!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :) x

  4. I still can't believe you did this! If i knew you were walking I would have told you not to come! You totally deserved that lolly cake and coffee.

    PJs are totally acceptable in public at night, and in the morning, and when you are preggo :)


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