Monday, August 15, 2011

Just Resting :)

Hehehe, I've had a few emails today from blog readers asking if my absence had meant I had gone into labour - unfortunately not!!

Although, I'm standing by my hopes that I will go into labour while snowed it. That would make an excellent story to tell the kids.

In the mean time, I have bunkered down on the couch with hot tea and a certain Cinderella cross stitch.


While Graeme waits on me hand and foot :) He even has to push me up off the couch. Its quite lovely really.

I hope you have enjoyed your snow day and for those in Canterbury; turn the heater on! We're in for another 20cm's tonight.

Its time for a hot shower for this preggo. Hopefully that will calm down the cramps and nerve pinches :)

Be back tomorrow with something more interesting!


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