Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guess the birthdate and win!

**Giveaway now closed!! Awaiting a winner**

Today (August 3rd) marks one calendar month until our due date of MiniMoo (September 3rd) so I thought it was time I got some interaction happening on this blog with some friendly competition!

What do you win? This lovely design by Half Full Design printed on A3 heavy cardstock and shipped to you. International entries welcome :)

How do you win? Leave a comment on this post with a) MiniMoos birthdate guess. b) A weight guess for good measure* and c) Your email address.

The winner will be chosen based off the correct birthdate and will be contacted via email :)

Some info that might influence your birthdate guess:
  • My last missed period puts my due date as September 3rd 2011
  • My sonography scans put my due date as August 31st 2011
  • My midwife is going off September 3rd as it means if I go late then I have a few extra days up my sleeve before I get any pressure to be "intervened" with.
  • I have had no early labour signs yet 
  • My womb size is perfectly on track for gestation (they measure it and compare it to the number of weeks you are. Typically, if I am 35 weeks pregnant (which I am) my womb size should be 35cm in length, give or take 3cm either way. Currently, it's 34cm. Perfecto!)
  • From 37 weeks I am considered "Full Term" and could give birth any time from then to 42ish weeks. They bang your due date in the middle.
  • Statistically first time pregnancies run past their due date

For Funsies, the weight guess:

  • My pre-pregnancy weight was 65kgs. I lost 5kgs in the first trimester and now weigh in at 73kgs. Total gain: 8kgs.
  • I'm tall, like, 5'11".
  • Graeme is tall, like, 6'
  • I dont know how much I weighed as a baby but it was nothing out of the ordinary.
  • The average weight for a new born is 7.5 pounds. (3.4kgs) 

Leave a comment with your name, guesses and email address! Good luck :)

*Good measure - Get it? Too funny.
**please note: Half Full Designs has not sponsored this give away but they have consented to it**



    6 September, 7 pound 8 oz
    Cath Beddoes

  2. 10 sep 7pnd 1 ounz 51cm tall.

  3. 4th September
    8 pound exactly
    Christie Bonner <3

  4. Oh I was going to say the 6th! Ok so now I'll go 7th sep. 7lb 11 oz

  5. 8 Sept, 9lb 3oz, gorgeous chubby cheeks!

  6. Date: 7th September at around 3pm - specific right?! As for weight... We'll go either 8 and 9 pound 11. (Couldn't decide between 8 or 9 lol) Fun!
    Rachel Bakker :-)

  7. Sept 11th, 8lb 2oz :) nice and healthy, and very long and lanky (in a good way).
    Oh and I guess her name will be Camilla! (do I get a prize for that?)
    Amy Chiles

  8. 8 pounds 1oz, and 7th of september of course, cause that's my b'day! at 6am :)

  9. 5th September

    Maree Zanchetta

  10. Good luck to you heading into these last few exciting weeks... not long :-)
    I'm going to guess 9th Sept and 8lb

  11. I'm going to say 1st September and 7pnd1oz.
    Yay for babies!!! xxx

  12. 2nd Sept - Early AM!

    Megan Sloan


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