Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Smokes and Pee; 37 Week Hilarity; Dear Baby

I was out waddling walking the other day in all of my 37 week glory when I was stopped by a fellow female and asked if I had a spare smoke for her. I cackled laughed and then carried on my merry way. Looking back now I suppose it was probably rude that I didn't even answer her, I just cackled laughed and kept walking.

But really. Not even if I had a cigarette for her to have - as if I might just have one in my sweatpants. But that I might have a "spare" one. One for me and one for her. That sort of dealio.

Also, I pee'd myself this week. Not just a little like can some times happen if-you-sneeze-or-laugh-too-hard-pee. Like actual, on the ground pee. Pregnancy is so glamourous.

This has probably been the most entertaining week yet!

Speaking more practically, I'm still experiencing the cramps I mentioned last week and 2 nerves have been ready to 'pop' all. the. time. One running down the inside of my left leg and the other running up the right side of my back. These make me jump up and do a little dance while rubbing myself and going 'oh! ah! ee! oooo!" Its probably entertaining to an onlooker. And Graeme.

It always surprises me how quickly I can get used to a new symptom. Last week I was begging anything that would listen to not have these pains any more but now I have adjusted and can do life with them. Since there's no baby in my arms I guess I really have no choice, right? I have discovered that taking a really hot shower really late at night helps. As does squatting on the shower floor while the hot water pounds my back. Also, going to the toilet whenever I get achy relieves some pressure and I have noticed whenever it gets worse I never want to sit down. I always seem to stand and move around. 

I thought our Babe might have arrived during our snowed in days, for the sake of a good story, no sign of her yet! As of this week I am officially "full term" (depending on what country you live in. Some countries count 38 weeks as Full). Meaning she has done all of her text book developing. I think the last thing to develop in utero is the sucking reflex so they can breastfeed when they are born. This comes in during the 36'th week (I think). So from now on she wouldn't need intervention and I would be safe to have her at home. At 37 weeks their growth begins to slow down a lot because the fluid in the womb lessons and the baby takes up a lot of space. Well, typically anyway :)

Since I'm full term I'm going to be closing my giveaway on Friday. If you want the chance to win a free print from Half Full Designs then click this link to submit your guess on MiniMoos due date. The closest will win!! :)

More photobooth photos to show you tomorrow!! How cute are these??

Dearest Babe,

When I was 15 I remember going through my Dads wardrobe to find something and stumbling across brown patterned cowboy boots. They had very very pointy toes and I think they might have been snake skinned. I. Could. Not. Stop. Laughing!!! I thought they were the funniest shoes I had ever seen. "Dad! You will NEVER wear these" I joked. They were straight from the 70's. "They'll be in fashion again one day!" He told me. I didn't believe him, Oh the hilarity! 

It turns out, years later, they have come back in fashion. He was right. What he used to wear as a young man was now "cool". I took this photo of your Dads shoes while we were at a birthday party this week. I wonder what you are going to laugh at us for? Maybe skinny jeans? Skate shoes? Chuck Taylors? Ballet Flats? 

Lesson learned - they will be back in fashion and one day you will realise we were (and are!!) cool too! 

Love you,
Mum xx

P.S - remember to enter the giveaway! :)


  1. HAHA! Hilarious about the smokes lady... honestly, some people just have no idea.
    Pee? - welcome to pregnancy and beyond love! :P
    Looking gorgeous in the photobooth pics.
    And maybe it's a good thing you haven't had baby in the middle of a snowstorm because everyone would have trouble getting to you in time!!! :D
    Rest up and keep those hot showers coming.

  2. Bahahaha! You are so funny :) Flamin' hilarious! Pregnancy is totally so glam (not), but you still feel gorgeous with a big belly full of baby, right? I did, right through, amid the aches & pains. Bless :)
    Very awesome photos of you & G & C ;)

  3. Oooh, I remember all those aches and pains! My son was 4/5 engaged from 34wks and my midwife didn't tell me until 37wks! He arrived at 38wks, so maybe you won't have to wait much longer to meet your little girl?! Just wanted to wish you all the very best for the day she chooses to arrive, and for the fantastic days/weeks/months/years to follow!


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