Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Lost Cinderella

Years and years and years ago I was given a prophetic word as to my likeness to Cinderella. I was living a fairy tale life - from rags to riches. Rags being my past sin and the life I had made for myself and my riches being all of the new things I had in God and all they offered.

That afternoon I went out and bought myself a cross-stitch of Cinderella to do. I quickly realised that it was going to take me foreverrrr to complete and I set a long term goal - to have it finished before I had a baby girl. That would give me plenty of years.

Well, years passed and I picked it up every 6 months or so and completed a new section.

Here is the last photo I had of my progress. Although, since taking this I had completed much much more of it. I had finished her hair and most of her blue dress.

Then, last year I had to make a quick present for a little girls birthday. I had little money that week and decided a handmade gift was the best! I downloaded a free pattern of her favourite animal and used embroidery thread I already had.

The problem was, I didn't have any more cross stitch fabric. I made the quick decision to cut off a piece (!!!) from Cindy's lower half (!!!) and reasoned that I didn't need very much, and that we wouldn't be having a girl for another couple of years. I still had time.

Well. Now I don't. Cindy is still missing fabric from her lower half - Probably too much fabric to bother continuing. And Baby Girl is due in 3.5 weeks (exactly 1 year since that gift was made).




  1. improvise, frame cinderella in a gold oval frame, then you only need shoulders up. - katy

  2. Thanks for the idea Katy

    Cindys original design had a gold frame embroidered into it. I might assess this tomorrow and see if there's anyway I can skip out that part and use it as the real framing... If you catch my drift...

  3. OH new to the blog, hello!! Love the idea of adjusting the embroidery, make it look like a story book mirror for the frame & give yourself a break from doing a FULL Cinderella, Cindy will understand, love Posie

  4. Ok I'm actually so relieved other people do things like this too! I'm always mistankling ruining craft/ art projects ! Argh!! (though I'm sure you'll be able to save her). Special


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