Friday, August 26, 2011

Dear Baby, 38 Week Update

Dearest Babe,

Last week we had our second snow dumping this year. I was house bound for days. This week we seem to be having a heat wave - beautiful 20 degree weather. I have all the windows and doors open and the sun is streaming in. I'm planting flowers for you next week. I have the seeds and the soil ready to go. I want to show you what beautiful things can come from almost nothing!

Every night your Dad kisses my tummy and asks if you want to come out and play with us. You haven't yet, so I guess that means you're not ready. One day soon you'll answer your Daddys question and come out to play!

Love, Mumma x

38week + 6day belly. Some people say that's my pressure valve sticking out - I think its my eject button.

I had a midwife appointment this week with my back up midwife. I met her for the first time and she was lovely! She seemed young (in a good way) and very down to earth. If my midwife has scheduled time off (she takes every second weekend off) my back up Wifey will step in and deliver. If I have a homebirth she will arrive in the last pushing moments to assist my main Wifey and lastly if I have a hospital birth and my Main Wifey is available then I probably wont see her ever again. 

Back Up Wifey was lovely. She had handmade socks on which I admired and told me all about her mums new pattern for them she had created so they didn't bunch around the ankle. Perfect. After I've pushed out the baby remind me to ask her for that pattern. Maybe it should go on my "Things to make sure of when Sophie goes into labour" list. 

The Babe has descended 2/5ths down into my pelvis, which doesn't mean much except that its an explanation for all the pain and cramps I've been having. Wifey could feel The Babes position - her spine was going up my left side with her bum sticking out around my belly button and her legs bent and heel sticking up into my ribs. Oh, and he hand was infront of her face. CUTE. It amazes me they can feel that much detail.

[EDIT: As of this afternoon The Babe did a big swivel sometime during a long walk, she's more in the center now with her legs kicking out the left hand side instead. It feels so different!]

Back Up Wifey: "Have you been having lots of practice contractions?"

Me: "None!"

Back Up Wifey: "Oh, well you're having one right now! See?"

Me: "Oh is that what that is!??"

Silly. Now that she pointed them out I notice I get them all.the.time.

I've vomited twice this week, both times came with a rush of excitement. Sometimes vomiting can be a sign of the body emptying itself for labour. No such luck.

As I post this we have 8 days until out Estimated Due Date. Everything is ready and I have a list of things as long as my arm to keep me entertained in the mean time. 

[QUESTION: Does anyone know how to relieve pain from nerves? I have 2 that keep popping and they are so uncomfortable! Sciatica which is starting in my bum and running up my back and another which starts right at the top of my left thigh and runs down the inside of my leg. Any positions or help? Please let me know!

Most of the time I just end up hopping around and wimpering/ gasping until Graeme reminds me to do something about it. Then I try a hot shower or a wheat pack but really I think they are more mental fixes - I don't actually think they help]


  1. Wow that baby is coming soon! Glad everything is going smoothly. Can't help with the nerve pain... sorry.... enjoy the sunshine!!! xo

  2. oh we are due about the same time!! I find taking baths helps pains-but nothing really gets rid of them. I get leg cramps at night which are horrible!
    Look forward to reading more on your bubs!

  3. I found 'antiflamme' great for pains, it was pretty handy in early labour too actually. You should find it in any supermarket in a purple container (from memory...). That baby must be here pretty soon ~ can't wait to hear! x

  4. LOVE the new look!

    Not long now... hope the pain eases!


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