Friday, August 26, 2011

Pamper & Labour

This time last year I was hosting an event I created called Everywoman Pamper. You can read about it on my old blog on its post here.

I had so much fun (and stress) coming up with the concept, developing it, making it all fit together and organising everything. I was really in my element, you know? (I'm a bit of a control freak)

It was such a pleasure to have 100+ ladies walk through our doors and be treated to a night of manicures, foot soaks, hair cuts, massages, skin analysis and personal gym training. All for free.

I suppose I just really felt the need to tell you that. That once upon a time I didn't spend nights doing a cinderella cross stitch. I didn't spend my day walking to a cafe to be treated to free lolly cake and brownie. I was busy, and focussed, and I did things for other people. Once upon a time I worked really hard to see other people smile. I also did clothing swaps, and conferences, and youth events. And that was just last year!!

But then I got tired and worn out, I got pregnant, my relationship with my husband needed work and I felt like I was working for my relationship with God and I felt a very clear call to focus on him and put aside the "to do's" and the "should do's". So I did that. And its been great. Seriously. My prayer life, bible reading life, my relationship with the One who made me has never been better. I feel blessed to have been able to enjoy this pregnancy and soak in every moment and my relationship with my husband has never been more selfless and filled with love from both sides.

One day I'll find a healthy balance and will be back to putting on events and seeing faces light up.

Yes, I know, I'm in a new stage of life. Enjoy it. I know. Maybe one day I'll be back in the groove.

So this time last year I was in my element, mingling between ladies who were over the moon and so thrilled to be having a night of love. I was over the moon because of it! And tonight, a year on, I sit at home in my pjs with my cross stitch in hand listening to my husband play his guitar while waiting for some sort of sign of labour. It's different. But good different.

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