Monday, May 14, 2012

Birthday Week!

When my smart, clever, patient and energetic husband came home on his birthday he not only had a lovely blog post to read about himself but he was also greeted at the door with a surprise!

A happy birthday celebration! 

I threw a little party for him, because we had our connect group scheduled that night you see, a night when 4 other couples come to our home and we all learn a little bit more about God, marriage and each other. And in our little connect group we had a lot to celebrate; That very week we had a birthday, an engagement and a pregnancy announced! Woohoo! On the day I changed the banner from "happy birthday" to "congratulations!" because we could all do with celebrating our lives a little bit, right? There were balloons on the ceiling and party hats for everyone! 

We popped the sparkling grape juice and raised a toast to everyone, and enjoyed a delicious dessert together. Oh! And there was cake! Graemes favourtie: Banana. If you think it looks bought you would be correct. 

Actually, its been a whole week of celebrations, MrMoo has fully embraced his "birthday week" and we have been doing something most days to mark the occassion. I. Am. Exhausted. Very very happy my man can enjoy turning a whole year older, even when he discovered a grey nose hair the other morning. Teeheehee.

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