Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Its No Wonder...

Have I ever mentioned that I have the smartest, cleaverest, patient, funny, energetic husband around? Well, it's true, I do. And he's all mine!

Shortly after our wedding (actually, and still to this day) whenever anyone comments on our relationship he replies with a "She's soooo lucky", to that I roll my eyes, but secretly I am agreeing. I am. My husband is one of a kind and I am still completely in love with him. And I'm not ashamed of saying I am still in love with him. Some times there's social pressure to be all "oh, my husband! I could trade him in!" But I couldn't. My husband is one of a kind model that was custom built for our family :)

Husband, this is the most recent photo I have of us together, we pretty much look the same today, except you have brown glasses and I dont own that necklace, however our baby girl has grown a whole lot! She has a lot more hair, a more in-proportion head and cheeks, and if she was smiling she would have two extra teeth. I think that means we need to take another family photo, or more photos of us.

With a Dad like you its no wonder we have the best little baby in town. She's super pretty, and people always comment on her long girly eyelashes, I'm so proud to say she got them from you. And of course she was learning to crawl at 5 months. With a Dad like you what baby could sit still? I'm expecting her to walk any day now, and then you two will be off. She'll be chasing you around and around and around and you'll keep running; Because you are the bestest Daddy.

Today Mr Moo is another year older, and in the short time I've known him he has grown and matured so much. He used to be a baggy jeans wearing skater boy telling kids about Jesus down at the park, now he frets over dust and wrinkled shirts and always complains about having sore muscles after a game of touch rugby. Oh life. Oh how it changes. Now he has a wife and daughter (and wants more!), and he works hard everyday to provide for his family, and when he comes home at night he engages and talks about the future and what our family could become. I am soooo lucky!

Happy Birthday my Love.


  1. Wishing him a lovely day!

    I, too, don't understand why so many women feel pressured to bad-mouth their husbands - why is it a "cool" thing to do?? I'm proud to say I have my own smart, clever, patient, funny, energetic husband, and I'll let people know it!

    1. Hang on - you have one of those husbands too!?? Maybe they came from the same factory :)

  2. Happy birthday in your household. You know my dedication to my awesome husband, i just tell people 'he's so easy to love' & 18years later, clearly no longer a giddy teenager, i just love him more & more. Gorgeous post, yay to those of us who know it & appreciate these amazing men in our lives. Love Posie


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