Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pleated Skirt for Milla

Now that the supplies have been organised and my machine has been fixed, Milla got this cute little skirt out of it! A pretty good score if you ask me! I discovered Jess from Craftiness Is Not Optional through a guest post through someone. Anyway, I fell completely in love with this super cute skirt (and Jess' daughter who was modeling it) and her instructions were so easy, I thought "By George! I could do that!" - So I did! I went out an got my new fabric, and locked the procrastinating demons away, and created this cute little number while I was home alone one night! 

If you've been to my house in the last week you would have seen it already because I am SO proud, and keen to make many more wearable creations for my family!! I'm catching the bug and it feels so good! 

I followed the directions and made the skirt to fit a 18-24mo, thinking it would fit Milla this summer, which it probably will, but it also fits her now, it wont fall off her, but its not incredibly tight too, so there's lots of growing room! Eeee!

Milla is working on her over the shoulder model pose. (Bah! She's adorable!)

Next I'm going to attempt to transform one of my old chambray skirts into a little Milla sized one. Need to tame that procrastination foe. 


  1. cute, cute, cute - you need to join in with our creative spaces and inspire some others to get making too!

  2. Gorgeous! I love the orange/yellow combo. Go you! (And go Milla, standing already! My first, Elliot, was the same, but Tristan is taking his sweet time about it - only just getting ready to crawl! I sure don't mind though - one less to chase after!)

  3. YAY, what to go Soph! Looks adorable. I'll have to send you a free top pattern I've just tried. Make yourself one for summer. xo

  4. that skirt is adorable!! cute model! ;)

  5. Love the colour combo, and your sweet little model.

  6. LOVING this skirt-the color combo is great! plus her cute face is priceless!


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