Monday, May 28, 2012

Sisterhood - How To Belong

Hello Ladies,

I often hear you ask me "How do I become a Sister!?"

Well, thats really easy to answer, so I thought I would let you in on a little secret:

I actually consider you all Sisters. Whoever you are.

So. Broadly speaking, you're already in (phew, no hot coals or tattoos involved!). However, technically speaking, you can belong to The Sisterhood in a multitude of ways:

Firstly, CARE.
I pray that us Sissys would have soft hearts and when we hear a call of help from another Sis we would have the heart to respond, however that may look. Whether in our thoughts, prayers, time, finances, I would assume that a Sister would care for one another. Take that as a given. 

Second, RESPOND.
Every care (see first point) needs a response. A simple "care" is desperately trying to translate into something physical. I would hope that all Sisters would take the second step and respond to a call. As I have said time and time again, its not so much the physical act but the heart behind it. We're not trying to build new houses here or donate jet boats, but I am still a firm believer that every care needs a response. If that response is a lovely letter, thought or prayer, often that is enough. Some times its a treat in the mail. Whatever you do, I don't want you to underestimate those responses. Often times they have the power to transform a life, because in some case, just a smile for that particular day can be a miracle. Your gift may just have the power to produce that miracle. Amazing isn't it?

Thirdly, SHARE.
If you love The Sisterhood please don't keep it to yourself! We ain't selfish 'round here! Share, spread, tell. Let the world know that goodness is alive and kicking. Tell them of the miracles and the joy and the smiles and the opportunities. You can do this lots of ways:
  • The good old fashion word of mouth - its classic and works a treat.
  • Like The Sisterhood on Facebook (you can stay in more regular contact and get to meet other Sissys there)
  • Subscribe to this blog (this is where I update with more offical-ness and detail-ness)
  • Subscribe to The Sisterhood via email (this is great if you're not active in blog land. You'll get an email sent to your inbox whenever there is a new opportunity to bless)
  • Display our badge proudly (perfect for bloggers)
  • Take the time to email or share any blog posts that provide new opportunities
Forth, say out loud "I'm in The Sisterhood!" and be proud of that.

Introduce yourself on our Facebook, or email me (sophieslim AT and get to know us!


  1. Hi! How do I become a donator?! I love this idea so much! And I am keen to be a secret baker too! I live in Hamilton, a working mum with 2 beautiful babies, I would love to pass on to them the meaning of friendship and the act of kindness.

  2. Sophie you should do more videos in your youtube channel, I saw 2 about blogging and I love them. very easy to understand! Thanks


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