Monday, May 7, 2012

Hunger and Thirst

On Saturday night I had the huge honour and privilege of being able to share with 50 ladies about whats been going on in my heart recently.

The night was called Hunger and Thirst and it was an opportunity for the women of our Church to get together and thirst after the things of God. I was asked to speak and I shared about girly friendships.

I shared about how, as a female, you are so unique and special, and that should be embraced and understood. It's okay if you need constant affirmation, its okay if you need to put on a dress. As girls, we make great best friends because we know what other girls like and what they need. 

I was inspired by Ruth from the bible, a great story between a mother and her daughter in law. The mother had nothing to offer her daughter in law, Ruth. She was bitter, alone, not very great friend material. But the bible says that Ruth clung to her despite that. She stuck around. She was there when Naomi needed her the most. 

Later on Ruth (the DIL) goes to Naomi (the MIL) for advice, Naomi gives her some pretty wise selfless words of wisdom which later lead to employment and then to marriage for Ruth (score!). As great friends we need to be giving each other encouraging, wise advice that builds each other up. And as a woman, seek to be around these people. Don't bother with drama or pettiness, instead encourage friendships that build each other up in faith and good things :)

I have really amazing friends, they are a great part of my life and there are things that I get from my great girly friends that I can find no where else.

Did you know that in a Dove survery they concluded that 70% of women feel prettier because of their close female friendships. 

My friends are essential to my wellbeing and happiness. 

Its my prayer that you would begin to understand the huge value that the ladies around you have for your life and that you would be a great friend in return, one that sticks around and offers sound advice and encouragement.

I loved having the opportunity to speak, its been a long time since I've been behind the mic or having to prepare a message, I was definitely out of practice but it all comes back [kind of] naturally. I'm looking forward to more opportunities like this in the future :)

The whole night was a great opportunity to minister to each other, throughout the night I was able to hear many testimonies and have the opportunity to pray for many people. So so cool! Super big thank you to Wendy and Toni, a mother daughter duo from our church who put on the whole night for us. It was such a gift.


  1. I agree a great night of girl time. Totally a priveledge to be part of such a family

  2. Oh why hello lots of photos of me :P
    We are so awesome Soph!

    And SO many lovely ladies have told me what an amazing job you did speaking the other night and how what you said really stuck in their minds. I am proud to call you my close friend Soph. You are awesome.

    p.s - You totally rock the red lipstick!

  3. Loved reading this post. Really nice. Sounds like you had a lovely night. I have some lovely friends in my life and am very blessed. I love the story of Ruth and Naomi. Thanks for sharing your lovely activity at your church.

  4. Great post - glad it went so well. And happy birthday to Mr M


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