Monday, May 21, 2012

Dear Baby - 8 Month Update

We have had many eyebrow raising moments this month when we have thought "I think she grew lots today!" and we wonder, what did she look like yesterday? Because she looks very different today. 

In her 7th month she learnt to clap and wave hello and bye bye, although she barely does it on command. She's a little shy and will often freeze when people talk directly to her. She will seriously just stare at them. And then they look at me confused, because shouldn't babies be all happy and smilie at strangers when they pull faces into the pram at them. Anyway, half way through a conversation she will suddenly wave at someone. Or she'll turn around and wave at the TV. Or she'll be touching the rubbish bin and I will say "Milla, no touching the bin, yucky" and she will turn around and clap at me. Its terribly cute. 

She has stood all by her self for a total of 6 seconds. Once for a whole 5, her little legs were shaking like crazy as she tried to balance. Again, for 1 second as she grasped my cellphone with 2 hands and then realised she wasn't holding onto anything. You would think she's been standing and pulling herself up on things her whole life though because she is very efficient at it. We bought her a trolley when she turned 8 months old because she played with one at my brothers house and then again at church and she mastered it in two goes. She can push her trolley down our hallways with no troubles at all. 

She is becoming less and less attached to me, but still has a firm bond with the both of us. There have been a few times when her Dad has been able to look after her without me around which is SO nice. I've been out a few times at night while she's been sleeping (a few girly hang outs and of course that time that I spoke at hunger and thirst). As much as I love having my little girl attached to me at all times its very nice to go out with a little handbag and just be Sophie and a friend and/or a wife.

Milla LOVES her Daddy. She is completely smitten with him. The photo below shows her excited face, she peurses her lips and shakes her head backwards while making a little excited "Oooeh" sound. Its adorable! Mr Moo gets this every time he walks in the door. 

Oh, and I wanted to take this opportunity to boast  tell you all that I have the best little eater around. I don't think I have ever mentioned this, and maybe I should in more detail, but Camilla is the easiest breastfeeder and solids eater around. To date, I have never had any trouble with her milk feeds, and she has been SO easy to introduce solids to. She eats everything I put infront of her and is great with finger foods and feeding herself. She has a much more varied diet than I do, and I am thankful she takes after her Dad in this area too. Thank you baby girl for being so easy!

Dearest Milla Moo,

Its a well known fact that you will look for a future boyfriend who is similar to your Daddy. 

This month I'd like to talk to you about your Daddy and your future boyfriends. A little weird I know, but please bear with me. 

We hope that your Daddy will teach you what it means to be a man and that you in turn will seek out the same sort of man of your own to Marry. I pray that you would have someone and a family, if thats what you want, because life is so good when you do it with other people. And I also pray that if that's what you want, you wouldn't settle until you get what you need, and then you would have peace in that relationship.

Find a real man, one who will stand with you and for you, one who is patient and kind, one who will teach you more about God and who will love you completely. Find a man who will lead your family as well as support you.

In all things I hope that your Daddy will teach you what a princess you are, and I hope you will have high expectations about what a man really is because of him. 

Set your sights high Honey, you are worth it. 

We love you.

Love, Mama xxx 

**Milla got her super cute denim dress from one of my besties, Chloe in America. Thankyou Clo! xx

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  1. Cuuuuute!
    Wow, she's quick to be on her feet...look out mum and dad!

  2. I LOVE her excited-for-daddy face! I can't believe how fast she is growing! You are awesome Soph!

  3. Gorgeous photos - she is such a sweetie xx

  4. That last photo is just adorable!!!


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