Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Home Lovin' - Getting Organised

That little band of flags is still bringing daily delight to my life and it has inspired a little flurry of creativity! I've pulled out the Granny and have been finishing her off, she has a sad tale to share and some day in the close future she will have an opportunity to share, in the mean time I am working on a boarder and enjoying her snugglyness. Mr Moo loves things to be neat and tidy, but I love the look of a bright and colourful handmade blanket thrown on back of the couch. It fills me with warmth just to think about it. 

I've also been getting organised to work on some projects in the future, I have bought some fabrics to make a little skirt and have been planning some restyles with some clothes that were heading to the donation bins this week but were left behind at the last might. Hoorah! I have a teeny tiny stash that is growing, mostly old clothes and dresses that don't get worn any more, and last week I had a bag of stash donations from Miriam! Yays! :)

If you came to my home you could see a list on my fridge of the things I am working on, there have been a few things ticked off already and I am working on a few others. Some piles of clothes and papers on our bedroom floor have been filed away and donated (there's still another pile to go, another day). I had boxes and bags thrown into a storage cupboard with all of my crafty supplies, they were out of the way and mostly inaccessible. We bought new bedside tables and I used my old one to store my goodies in, in the wardrobe in our spare bedroom. It feels so good to have everything accessible and together.

This week I threw Mr Moo a little surprise party and when I bought my supplies from the cheap shop I got a free flower calendar! Score! I've never thought about buying a calendar before but now that I have one I love it. I'm a total google calendar user, without it Mr Moo and I probably would never see each other or our friends, but I love having a colourful thing in our kitchen that everyone can see. Also, clock! This has been up for a few months, but it took me 3 years to buy the hook for it, so I thought it was worth sharing :) I also loving having a physical clock to look at, rather than a cellphone or laptop. 

 That's whats going on in our home.


  1. I'm a total clock lover and our calendar rules the house - whatever is on the calendar trumps everything else.

  2. Oooh, that's an impressive list of things to do! I would be lost without a physical calendar, especially as that's the first place Tall or I look to see what's coming up. I also have a diary and use my mobile's calendar, so have all bases covered!
    (Also, a simple way of cleaning the microwave quickly is to place either 2T baking soda or half a lemon in a big bowl of water and turn the microwave on high for 5-10mins. The grease get loosened and wipes off super easy, and then it smells nice too!)

    1. HAHA thanks for the microwave tip - I'll definitely be doing that. First step is to get it moved down from its high perch. I didn't consider anyone would actually read the list. How embarrassing! Doh.Thanks! xx

  3. I saw that clock last night and you know what? I thought it had always been there. Perfect spot. Yay for sewing and stash!

    1. Hehe Amy its been there for a little while - nice noticing though (eventually) ;)



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