Tuesday, February 5, 2013

4th Wedding Anniversary with MrMoo

Last week MrMoo and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. We were married in 2009 on a hot Canterbury Nor-Wester day, amongst fields of berrys and shaded by ancient trees.

This was the first year since then that we purposefully celebrated the occassion. We decided last year that we would mark the occasion with gifts from the traditional anniversary gift list.  This year, our 4th, being fruit, flowers, linen or silk.

I gave MrMoo a nice new shirt to also celebrate his becoming an official celebrant! He has his first wedding to officiate this weekend and I wanted him to have something new to wear!

He promised to give me these cute (and rather creative) pillows to make our bedroom a nicer place. 

Although I didn't actually get the gift on the day, he printed off a photo and wrote a super sweet message along with it. It all counts and I am a happy lady until they are on our bed :)

Nanny Moo showed up to baby sit and bought this super sweet cow with her! We felt very loved!

MrMoo took me out to a local restaurant. We happily talked the night away and ended up having to avoid another iced-chocolate disaster to finish the night off. (Same place, no cream, boo!) (I'm thinking an iced-choc revolution needs to be started. Cafes, hear our demands!!)

And finally, the *first* Baby Moo bump shot on the blog. My view waiting at a cash register. Wearing Breastmates new maternity line, more on that later. 

It was truly a great night. Our third date night for the week. Feeling over spoilt and craving a night at home I considered cancelling it, but as part of my 2013 goals, glad we went out and celebrated more. We took an extra moment to leave the coffee shop as I could literally feel my happy cup filling. I sat there, closed my eyes and soaked it in.

MrMoo, I love you. 


  1. Happy anniversary! My man gives me a gift from the traditional list every year - it's so fun! On our 4th year (fruit/flowers) he gave me a potted peace lily with the fruits of the Spirit painted on the stone pot. So thoughful! It's his one romantic day of the year. ;) Oooh, I feel a blog post about this coming on... Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Awww! so sweet :) Happy anniversary too x

  3. aww, congratulations you guys! big fan of breastmates here x

  4. aww, congrats you guys! big fan of breastmates here x


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