Saturday, February 16, 2013


I've only been at my computer for half an hour this morning, I have organised my day (millas naps and play time) so that I can spend the rest of the day on it.

Already my heart is pounding in my chest and my body feels as light as air. This is what purpose feels like. 

This is what makes me know its all worthwhile. All that stress before hand, the worry, the TIME, its all for this. 

Hundreds of people across New Zealand are taking a few deliberate moments today to be kind to one another. Chocolates have been dropped off, baking delivered, baby hats made, concert tickets purchased already and its only 11am. In essence, people are being appreciated, surprised with love and being told they are worth it, this world is a good place, they are loved.  

Will you join in with us today? Feels a bit like heaven is here on earth. 

Stay tuned to our Sisterhood Facebook Page for constant updates on whats going on around New Zealand, I'll be doing a recap on the blog at the end of the weekend! 

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  1. Love it - I've just posted mine. Obviously I can't put it on facebook but I'd love to hear more about it on your blog and you are welcome to link mine in if you want to xxxx YAY for kingdom here xxxx


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