Sunday, February 17, 2013

What Happened on Kindness Day

My favourite two quotes from Saturday Sisterhood KINDNESS DAY:

Gail popped over to the Sisterhood Facebook page and said::
idn't know it was Happy kindness day but wanted to know why my facebook friends were doing amazingly kind things." and then she went on to share vegetables out of her garden that afternoon because they had "more than enough"

And Sarah, who said on her blog I bequeath Love::
Thanks to The Sisterhood for the initiative and the encouragement.  Intentional kindness is going to be  a 'need to' not a 'want to' in our family going forward. "

If only those two things happened on Kindness day I would consider it a huge success. But thats not all that happened, women all around New Zealand took it a pon themselves to reach out of their ordinary and do something extra ordinary.

Honestly, you all amaze me. This is no contest, there is no competition, each small act is hugely significant, but some of you have got guts!! You achieved things I, in my wildest dreams, would still need to spend a week working up the courage to do! I applaude you all for being so brave and radical! 

Many acts were completed, and here is what was shown on our Facebook page and from blogs around the sphere. I don't own any of these images but i'm being an internet rebel and sharing them anyway. 

Kindness inspires kindness.

Baking shared with the roadworks heros of broken Christchurch

Gift baskets and treats for homeless

Lunch for elderly neighbours that bought about hugs and tears

13 women in Dunedin got together and bombed the NICU with baking! Astounding team work! 

Chocolates for letter boxes and sweet notes left in library books

Baking for hospital

Sweet hand knitted goods for NICU babies

A craft box stoked and left for hospital patients

chocolates for apartments

chocolates and notes left around a local library

bags of "sunshine" filled with yellow treats given out in Australia

Cups filled with chocolates and fudge given out

Parking meteres paid for (in Dunedin AND Christchurch!)

Coffee vouchers left in public toilets

As you can see, so many things happened yesterday and this is only the tip of the surface!

Me? I spent my day on my computer fielding emails and posting other peoples photos, I had written a few letters to dear friends ahead of time who live yonder to encourage them with kind words.

To read what other bloggers have to say about Kindness Day check out these posts:

Check out our Facebook Page and leave a description, photo or story to encourage others if you haven't already!

Thank you to everyone involved who made it such a success! It truly was a delight to read the excitement in all of your stories! I think we'll be doing more of this! Oh Sisters, you really are a blessing to my life xxx 

Did you participate in Kindness Day!? Leave a comment and let us know what you thought of it!



  1. I feel super proud my kindness and images thereof made the cut. Thanks for providing the platform. I kind of felt the kindness to others part paled in comparison to how good I felt doing it! ;-)

  2. The success of Kindness day was amazing, to see it all come together in your blog Sophie is incredible. My daughter's kindness bought tears to my eyes, and to see her little kindness basket has made it into your blog post makes me smile. Yesterday I took my daughter, partner & younger brother into the Auckland City, we had so many muffins we gave each homeless person we came across 2 muffins and gave a singing church family we came across one each too.then today we paid a visit to an eldery retirement home with some more sugar free baking :) My partner & brother came to realise that doing something for someone without expecting a thing, to do something where they don't know your name, something unexpected can leave something much more in your heart than words can explain. I thank you for bringing my little family together to experience this weekend. We still have the rest of the week planned out but for now, there are people out there tha we've made smile for a moment :) XX

  3. I joined in and my kindness is shown in a photo above. If you'd like to find out more please pop over to

  4. I joined in to. You can check out what more about what I did here:

  5. Guess what one of the people from the doctors found my blog (must have found the sisterhood on FB and linked in from there) and left a comment - so sweet!!

  6. Oh dear, I didn't manage to get involved AT ALL! Blaming it on wedding fever... Looks like a fully successful day though!!! Amazing!


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