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Circa 2007, dating at the Zoo. The boy I fell for. 

This is the account of our engagement, as told by MrMoo, written in 2009.


Our One Year Anniversary of being together was coming up fast and I’d been secretly paying off a great wee present, small, round, shiny and expensive…

I threw in small comments about making it a special night, the 7th of July, talked about how cool it was how we got together on that day, being 07/07/07
Those who know me well will be certain I set that one up, but its pure chance and I’m stoked on it.
So throwing these comments around got Sophie started on suggestions for how to celebrate, making all the plans her idea and I would agree.

She suggested we go up the hills to one of our favourite spots, one I’d already thought was a great proposal spot.

So a couple days before hand, Roy and I went for a drive to see where to setup the equipment.

That was fun because it involved dodging a road closed sign and getting stuck in snow! then building a snow ramp to jump out of a ditch with my trusty Max (my car)

All set and it was time to do this!

Monday came and I had a flash of a day at work, thought it would take ages considering what lay ahead that night..

4pm came around, I met up with my team of setup ninjas and gave them a brief on their all too important mission.

We parted ways and I headed off to pickup Sophie.

Trip to the supermarket for some food, hot chicken, nice rolls, marshmallows, candles, sparkling wine. We were set..

Phone call from ninjas… Snow is worse! Roads closed again, won’t make it through this time.

Move to plan B! different location, same setup. Go Go Go!

We drive up the hills, looking at the lights as we ascend, its beautiful. Perfect view.

I drove to the road closed sign as if I don’t know, I acted really gutted that it spoiled our plan for our special anniversary night. She bought it.

Out of nowhere I "had an idea." We headed down the other side of the hill.

“Where are we going?” She kept asking
“I have a backup plan” was my response

Up a few crazy roads we end up at a house on top of the hill overlooking governors bay. A beautiful wooden deck sticks out over the hill with a stream running below it, blankets and pillows laid out in the middle with dim lights shining on our setting.

We sit down and I light the candles, they form a circle around us and light up the
picnic beautifully.

We eat, and cuddle, and smile, and talk.
Reminiscing and laughing about the great past year we have had.
Talking about the past, the present and parts of the future.

After some of the food and wine is finished, we stand up and walk over to the rail and look out at the harbour, then up at the stars.

Cuddling close I ask “Are you happy?”
“How happy?”
She makes motions with her arms stetched as far as they reach.
“Could anything make you happier?”
She pauses…

Time to prove her wrong.

I lead her back to the centre of the candle circle. Standing in the middle embracing one another I tell her how much I love her and how important she is to me.
That I wanted this night to be special.
That I have wanted to have a night like this for a long time.

Cue part one.

From the bushes and under the deck comes music, our song, Stolen by Dashboard Confessional plays loudly. The distinctive electric guitar riff in the intro pierces the silence and brings a shocked and very emotive look upon her face.

A moment later, a spot light from above lights up our center stage.

Now completely frozen in a jaw dropped position her eyes slowly fill with tears as I stare straight into them.

“Sophie Anne Hawes” (thats where she blacked out when recalling it later)

I told her further more about her importance and my appreciation for her in my life, removing a hand from her tight grip.
Now holding a small box I open it up, get down on one knee and ask “Will you marry me?”

“Yes” came through a teary, surprised and overwhelmed smile.

Ring on the finger and standing there hugging and crying, she wouldn’t let go of me.
I was happier than ever before.

We stood there for a long time and took in the moment.

It was amazing.

We got in the car and headed back down the hill.
We reached the bottom and pulled into a bar/cafe across the road, Families and friends were all there waiting and full of hugs and congratulations.

What an awesome night. Bring on the rest. I am so stoked.
Thank you God for such an amazing blessing. My fiance Sophie.

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  1. Oh wow, what a beautiful proposal! Squeeeeee!!! xx

  2. Awww that is such a sweet story! I can't lie, I may have helf back a tear or two while reading it! x

  3. oh that is SO, so sweet!! Love it

  4. Wow! What a story! How sweet and wonderful. x

  5. What a wonderful proposal, very romantic.
    Sophie, you need to put this in book form for your family for the future.


  6. Naw, tears. That's so SO special! Love <3

  7. Lovely to read, Catherine Day


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