Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Hearts

Happy Valentines Day Lovers!

I sent MrMoo off to work this morning with 10 of these kraft paper sewn hearts filled with sweet chocolates! He was under strict instructions to deliver to each of his work colleagues and to look happy about doing so! I hope they were received well! To be honest I can't imagine how they are supposed to be opened without spilling everywhere! :)

I love Valentines Day. I love the idea of expressing love and I love receiving love. 

At the wedding we went to at the weekend we sat across from one of MrMoos work mates who has divorced in the last few years. He was with a new woman, also divorced. He looked at me and said out of the blue "Marriage is great. But DONT. GET. COMPLACENT"

Love is a verb, its a doing word. Every single day, loving each other. 


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  1. love these and i have some awesome printed craft right now to have a bash!
    happy valentines x

  2. Love it - and love "love is a verb". happy valentines x

  3. Sweet idea. Hope they were well received. Cx

  4. Cute idea Sophie! So glad your hubby will take them to work too!


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