Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to Get Your Blog Ranking High On Google

So you've done a Google search and discovered your blog post, business or name is way down on the list, or perhaps not even there? Ever wondered how you get your name, business, product, image etc to the top of that list?

It's using a handy little bit of knowledge called Search - Engine - Optimisation, or SEO for short, and I'm going to let you in on a few of its secrets today, because I care about you and your blog.

And here's the truth, its all to do with your hyperlinks.

Every time you click a link on the internet, you're sending a really quick message to the staff at google to tell them what a website is about so they can include it in their search engine.

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The above link, when clicked, will tell google that the web address it is linked to is about "here". Not really helpful at all. 

When clicked, the above link will take you to my page about designing blog headers, and will TELL Google that the website is actually about designing blog headers. Amazing!

So when someone types into google "how to design a blog header" you will notice that my page is the very first that comes up. That is no accident. 

The more that link is clicked with the correct description, the more google knows thats what the link is about, the higher it will appear on google searches. 

Get into the habit of slightly rewording your posts so you can use hyperlinks correctly, and dont forget to give your blog posts relevant titles! 

Also, pay others the courtesy of linking them correctly when talking about other sites on your own blog. When your readers click those links you'll be doing them a favour! 


The same theory applies to google image searches::


Simple as that. Each time a photo is clicked google gets told what the photo is about because of its file name. 

This is time consuming and not something I often do on my blog, however there are a few blog posts where I have pureposefully named my photos, one of those is my blog on going to the Taylor Swift concert with a 6 month old baby

I receive blog hits every single day because of people searching about taking a baby to a concert (i'm the top result), and for people doing image searches for "taylor swift crowd photo" (i'm the 6th result). 


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Did you know about SEO before you read this post? Anything else you would like to learn? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Thanks Holly! I want EVERYONE to know this stuff!! x

  2. Thanks Soph!! I might back track on some of my posts and change them up a bit :)

  3. Thanks! @Amy - do it! Your products should be shown off to the world! You could rule those shabby chic google searches! xx

  4. This is fantastic advice! I'm too guilty of being lazy with my hyperlinks, but now I know better!

    I often wonder why some blog posts do better than others, it may have something to do with the images being named! I'll need to make sure I do that more often in the future!

    Thanks for the great tips Sophie!!

    :) Hazel

  5. Thank you Sophie. I found you on Youtube after searching for advice on how to make a blog banner. I followed your instructions and made one in half an hour! You're great! So glad I found you!

    Much love to you and yours!



  6. @Hazel - especially when you have such a pretty blog / products to show off!!

    @vee - YAY! So thrilled I can help! You've made my night! :) xx


    LOVE IT!

  8. Great Blog.. found u via talia christine

  9. Well thank you! Now I understand why I rank so well when one is googling 'leftover coleslaw'...it always shows up on my stats...hahahahah

  10. Excellent Information. I have linked to this in my post - hope I did it well!

  11. hey sophie, thanks for posting this article, very great!

  12. I had NO idea what SEO was! Thank you for this wonderful piece of information!

    Kendwy @ MindofKiwi


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