Monday, June 10, 2013


CURRENTLY: Writing "Thank You" cards for all of the gifts our little unborn has been given so far.

PREVIOUSLY: Moved our bedrooms around this weekend. The spare room is a bomb site, but ours is relatively ready.

FINISHED: Spiritual Midwifery. What a book! Mixed feelings about it but can definitely take away some techniques and mindsets that I would like to adopt for the approaching season (and some that I would not like to)

PLANNING: A week of exciting giveaways when the baby is born. Be excited and celebrate with us! Some really awesome companies are on board and confirmed so far including Breastmates, Ecostore, All About Heidi and more! 

REALISED: In the last few weeks my love languages have completely changed. This revelation has made life make sense again! Phew!

FEELING: Pretty darn organised and at peace with everything. From here, I think its just a matter of "keeping busy" and keeping healthy.


  1. All the best Sophie! I also have that book out from the library at the moment. Some interesting philosophies, but helpful info too!

  2. It took me ages to realise that when they say 'stoned', they don't mean it in the same sense that we do in NZ. lol. I was pretty shocked, until I realised it was more about a peaceful state of mind...

  3. Aren't you amazing?
    And Stella..."Stoned?" wow, that IS an interesting birthing technique, LOL


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