Monday, June 3, 2013

In Baby Preparation

A few thoughts:
  • This baby (and I) are officially "full term". I've tried so hard this time round not to think of a "due date". Very few people know my actual date, and when asked for it I usually give a different answer each time. A lot of the reason for that is because I actually can't remember it. Instead I've been thinking "some time in June" and now that its June, I kind of mentally feel like I've passed my due date. Doh. I definitely haven't yet, but its all a mental mind game.
  • In the last week I have been fighting off two ear infections, a chesty coldy cough, Millas tummy bug and MrMoos manflu. But life goes on. I just wish I was feeling more stronger at this stage of my pregnancy. Instead I'm trying to focus on my mind being strong.
  • We're swapping bedrooms around today and blowing up the birthpool. Following that we will be all ready to have this baby girl!
  • We've put fairy lights up in our lounge on a timer for the morning so Milla will be able to find her way around the house when she wakes up in the dark. I love them, I wish they were on all the time, and now I'm quite excited to be labouring and potentially giving birth in our lounge with such pretty lighting.
  • A surprise babyshower was thrown for us this weekend! Everyone pulled it off so well, I truly had no idea! I always thought I wouldn't like to have a surprise party because I love to know everything, but since everyone played their part so well I wasn't suspicious at all and LOVED IT! So much fun! Surprise parties are now officially my favourite! (more on the baby shower later)
  • I ordered Spiritual Midwifery and received it yesterday, I'm already half way through (spending the afternoon "resting" in bed will allow you that luxury. Thank you MrMoo!). I'm enjoying it, if thats the term you would use? So far the biggest impact its had on me is understanding that each birth is completely different, yet each birth completely normal. 
  • I'm taking time each day to be thankful and appreciate the good, its helping immensely  especially at such a hormonal, everything feels everywhere, time of my life. 


  1. We used lots of labouring techniques from that book and they were SO EFFECTIVE!! In particular: eye contact, making an 'o' with your mouth, and relaxing into your contraction. Hard to remember them all at once, but even just managing one with each contraction was helpful! Go well!

  2. Oh exciting fairy lights! Don't work too hard swapping rooms. Also hope there are no holes in the pool. xx

  3. A friend lent me this book and I really enjoyed it too. Luckily there are no babes on her horizon so I can borrow it for as long as I like. Time to put it back into the rotation I think!

    I've also really got a lot out of New Experience of Childbirth, it has some good diagrams in it.

    Have been working through the pink kit with M and got quite upset the other night because I couldn't 'map my bony pelvis'. Seems silly in hindsight but I guess that's hat those hormones do to you!


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