Thursday, June 27, 2013

That Last Day

 I tip toed into her dark bedroom, the air was slightly cooler in here, away from the heaters.

As I approached her bed my eyes adjusted, she was lying side ways, her head face up amongst her pile of friends that sleep with her; Stripey,

Rosie, Boofle, Teddy, Cow, Tiger. All of them had been lined up at bed time for a roll call and each patted and said "na nigh" to.

I wondered if I should swivel her around so her head was on her pillow.

"Just let her be" I decided. She looked so peaceful. 

I whispered my love to her in the cool air, my only child, tonight things would change forever.

As I walked out I took another look at my sweet baby girl and my heart grew. I knew we'd be okay and I knew that even though I wasn't in labour yet, come morning time my baby girl would be a big Sister.

I stood in the hallway glad for the day we had together, one filled with snow, first time huts, endless pretend cups of tea, a constant stream of books, and a visit to MrMoos work.

Thank you God


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