Friday, June 14, 2013


Its not all sweet knits and pretty bunting around these parts lately, don't be fooled.

The truth is I've been working really* hard to keep my morale up.

Ever since I declared that I would be fearless coming into this season I have been facing something-after-something trying to bring me down. Something's have pulled me so close to breaking point, but on the whole they have been manageable (if perhaps after a few hormonal tears).

I'm trying to be realistic when I say: I feel worn out but on the whole I am doing quite well!

I realised today that perhaps all of the trials have been causing me to be stronger, more fearless, less timid, more in control and powerful. More ready.

After each I have quickly picked myself up. Life carry's on, you know? Recovery has been quick. I like that.

I do feel strong. 

And for the last two days I haven't worn any tracksuit material (my wardrobe staple for the last month). That feels good too.

*replace this with any other descriptive


  1. Big hug to you.

  2. You are a superstar! Even with everything you have been through during this season you are powering on

  3. Your doing better than me in the tracksuit dept! Keep on keeping on lovely x

  4. Sending you lots of love Sophie.
    As someone recently said to me (with much love) eventually you will thrive not simply survive this season . . .


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