Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Welcome to a BirthWeek of GIVEAWAYS!!

Last year I was inspired by Dee's attitude towards labour and birth and had a conversation with MrMoo at the time about how, should we have any more kids, it was something I wanted to emulate.

I wanted an attitude of celebration, looking forward to meeting this part of our family. Before Katies birth I hung bunting, I wrote letters, I prayed and I celebrated. When I went into labour MrMoo prayed for all of us. We were so excited to meet our little girl.

While I'm getting to know her, and sorting out this whole feeding thing I wanted you to be excited too! Even though I wont be around these parts regularly (I hope I can get there eventually) I have contacted my generous blog partners and asked them if they would throw a baby shower!

That means free things for you! A whole week of them (actually, longer than that!), there will be one each week day for the next little while, all the winners will be drawn on Monday 8th July, each prize has a baby, toddler or Mama theme!


There are lots of ways you can enter the giveaways, each one will require you to leave a blog comment, and the rest are all optional (sharing, liking things etc). Have fun and I hope you can score some goodies!

Giveaways include: Breastmates, Stuck On You, Eco Store, Scamps Boutique, Qwerky Home, All About Heidi and Big Little.


  1. Love this idea!! You are oh so generous :-) x (Great name BTW!)

  2. oooh exciting! babies definitely mean party-time... xoxo

  3. Very cool idea! - Kirsty Jones


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