Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Surprise Baby Shower

SURPRISE!! Everyone yelled at me as I stepped into the warmth last Friday night. "Oops! I've walked in on a surprise party!" I thought to myself. After taking a second I realised the guests were all still looking at me, the balloons were pink, and my future daughters name was on the wall.

I had walked into my very first surprise party, a baby shower!!

My friends (and hubby, and his friends) are all so super sneaky, spoiling my unborn daughter like that! I had friends from all areas of my life there, church, years gone by, baby play groups, plunket and antenatal groups, family and bloggy friends - it was so nice to have so many familiar faces all in one place!

We played games, ate A LOT of food and opened A LOT of adorable gifts!

Thank you to everyone who helped pull this off, it was so touching to know that my second is just as loved as my first already and you would all go to such lengths to show your love! I'm feeling very well supported and looked after.



  1. Holly is waving wildly and I am raiding the presents. What a rad bunch of friends you have Soph. Loved surprising you!

  2. What a beautiful kind thing to do for such a kind generous person such as yourself LOVE it


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