Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dear Baby Moo2

Baby Moo2's first outfit

Dearest Baby Moo2,

It's 7.30pm on Saturday the 8th of June. You are "due" in a few weeks and I'm sitting here alone, watching Finding Nemo, eating my way through a box of scorched almonds and crocheting you some bunting.

I thought it was about time I wrote you a letter. So first, an apology. I'm so sorry I haven't written sooner. Its not that I haven't wanted to, or have had nothing to say, nor are my lack of published words any reflection on how your Daddy and I are feeling.

We cannot wait to meet you!! I guess being a second child you are more of a reality already than our first. We know the amazingness already of having a child. We know how you grow inside, and when you birth how much of a complete miracle and instant love it is. We're still in awe of the whole process, but this second time around has been more of a time of connecting with you, appreciating and being content rather than frantically learning everything there is to know about growing a baby. We're much more focussed on you than the process.

Your Dad and I feel very content about you. From the moment we found out, it just all made sense. Of course you would be part of our family, how could you not be? The news of your existence just made sense. We are so excited to meet you, this little girl, who has already just fitted in with our lives so perfectly. I couldn't imagine life differently. You feel so real already.

You have been just like your big Sister so far, all of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, it all feels rather deja vu. At the same time I am so aware of how unique you are. God's been knitting you together in your quiet place inside. I love that you can spend time together before we get to meet you. I pray you would always know each other.

Hopefully you'll be arriving some time soon. The basinet has been made up, your clothes have been washed and folded, today we swapped our bedrooms around in our little home, it was hard work, but it was worth it. We're preparing a place for you.

I've been a little sick recently, so tonight is a night of rest for me, but I hope you are still getting all you need to be big and strong. Even though I am SO eager to meet you, you just take as long as you need to be as healthy as you can be. I'll do the same!

Stay safe little one. But we're ready. We're so ready to meet you, precious.

I love you.

Mama xxx

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