Friday, May 31, 2013


Ahh Sisters, you well and truly made this one happen! Two weeks ago we sent out 31 Love Bombs, our biggest mission ever! Most of what went in them had already been donated, some we asked for specific donations (like grocery vouchers), other items were sent in at the last minute to be included.

Instead of writing out a description of each recipient and the contents of each love bomb (my 37week preggo brain just can't do that right now), I hope you'll scroll through the photos here and take a moment for your heart to swell with joy.

Trust me when I say that each woman (and one man!) deserved every part of what we could send. For some it filled a physical need (like the groceries), others an emotional need (us saying, "you are worth it, look after yourself"), and others more of a spiritual "you're not alone" need. Others were sent because we just wanted to celebrate the woman who is doing such an impeccable job and whatever it is she's doing!

Each love bomb was tailored to the description of the person and each came with a set of "I think she might appreciate..." ideas. We used those to create the best parcel we could. Some were jam packed, others were simple. It all depended on the person and circumstances.

31 LOVE BOMBs in total (only 27 shown here)
30 women, 1 man (single father of 3 young girls)
All donated by members of The Sisterhood or by local small businesses
Sent free of charge by Post Haste Couriers
Made up by 8 women in my lounge on a Saturday night

Feels like heaven!

Enjoy xxxx

Thank you to everyone who contributed, thought encouraging thoughts, nominated and helped to make these up! You are all such valued members of The Sisterhood and we wouldn't be where we are today without you!

Love, Sophie xxx



  1. HI Sophie
    I tried nominating a friend of mine on your blog but after filling in all the boxes I couldn't find a button to press to submit it. I don't think I had baby brain that day but anything is possible.... Can you help? P.s. you are inspirational!

  2. Wow Sophie!! You guys are amazing, so much love! xxx

  3. AMAZING! So much love, and so great to see some of the things I donated going off to make people happy! xxxx

  4. Well done team -and especially team leader :)


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