Monday, May 13, 2013

6 Mothery Things

A few mothery things from a mothery weekend:

  • On Saturday we took a spontaneous 1.5 hr trip to Hanmer Springs, a thermal village with hot pools here in Canterbury. The planets just seemed to align and cause it to be so, and there we were. It was something I really wanted to do with MrMoo and Milla before the newest baby is here so we could all enjoy it and all get in the pools. And the weather was amazing. Milla was amazing. Everything just worked out. 
  • After we got out of the hot pools I had a real honest to goodness contraction. All I could think about was that I hadn't saved my midwives number in my phone yet... And the bench of dishes I had left back in Christchurch. No idea if the hot pools (25 & 26deg (the temp of a birth pool)) and the contraction are related. Haven't had any since. 
  • I'm so excited about our newest baby whose getting ready to be born. She's been head down for weeks, I'm getting achy and big, and as my last daughter was a tiny bit early I'm preparing for this one to be born a little early too (just incase).
  • Even though I am just so excited about having a second, I am also undeniably a little sad that Milla wont have my undivided attention any more (well... between her, the housework and the fun stuff. You know what I mean). I'll be pulled between two little ones with completely different needs. I'm a little sad about that. But I know it will work.
  • I'm thankful that everything I need to be, in my eyes, a successful Mother I get on tap from God. Patience, love, selflessness, energy, courage, strength. It all comes from him. Thats what makes me know I'm ready for this baby. A bassinet and a capsule we still haven't got, but He carries those who have young. And that makes it all okay.
  • We're planning our second home birth (still not sure if we'll prepare for a water birth or not..) , there sure is a lot of extra things to get and organise vs hospital bag. Glamourous things too: Rubbish bags, old towels, sieves (*cough*)...

    Here's somethings I want to know from you. I'd appreciate an email or a comment:
    - Any recommendations for light novel reading in the middle of the night while feeding
    - Did you blog leading up to having (and afterwards) your second child? Leave me a link to the tags, I'd love to read about your experience.
    - Who goes in the car first. Toddler or baby? I'm thinking toddler - then at least I know she wont run away while the capsule is strapped in, right?
    - Are any of you seasoned home birthers? Anything extra I should think about that I might not have come across yet? (especially regarding child care, introducing toddler and baby at home, etc etc etc)


  1. ohhhhh... so exciting! If I could offer any advice it would be to enjoy a couple of days together at home just the 4 of you and then if possible have Milla looked after by friends or family for a day or two once your milk comes in.. (day 3ish) I find I start feeling a tad overwhelmed around then and the time with just hubby and the new addition is totally precious. By leaving it a few days the other child(ren) feel they have had a chance to snuggle and get to know the bubba and they are not being pushed out the door straight away.. All the best Sophie.. SO exciting!!! xx

  2. Love that photo of you and Milla. Very precious. Glad you didn't go into labour at the pools either, given your fast birth history!

  3. Hi Sophie, yes I blogged about our little girl etc, here a link when she was born from my old blog x

    Toddler in car first, yes! Then they are locked and loaded and safe. NO ideas about light reading or home birthing xxx

  4. Crikey glad for you that bubs decided to stay put for a bit longer. I blogged about Mylo a lot more than Noah because I wasn't really blogging when Noah was born. Here's my birth post here:

    I didn't have a home birth but I had a water birth both times...and I'd do it again in a heartbeat xx

  5. Hey everything else apart from light reading seems to have been answered....definately toddler first! and toddler last when you're getting out! :) As for light reading, I can't recommend any books as such, but I do suggest, a non violent or gory book, since at that time of night it isn't fun going back to sleep with some of those images....I enjoyed magazines, since they were easy and light hearted, a I could read a couple of articles at a time :) And turn the pages carefully! as that always startled my kids, when everything was so quiet :)))

  6. No idea! Sorry no wisdom, but just huge best wishes. God will walk you through every step. xx

  7. I know what you mean about those mixed feelings of excitement and sadness for your elder child - but those feelings are forgotten pretty quick, and lucky for awesome dads who can still give no. 1 loads of attention when they're home (or look after bubba so that you can). I agree with the others, toddler first, and out last. Here's my first blog about Garland: Yes there is totally still time to blog - sometimes! Well, I always made time anyway :-P

    Light reading: I'm a huge fan of Bridget Jones, so if you haven't read those. And a YA series that was pretty funny, in a totally unexpected way - Angus, Thongs and Non-Stop Snogging (or whatevs it's called). Also, her second series which begins with Wuthering Tights is so great. I'll flick you another message if I think of any more, my current reads are pretty dark so I'm struggling to remember any.

    1. I totally agree with awesome dads who give the older child attention (or allow you to)! I don't think I'd thought about it before our second came along, but there was such sweet one-on-one interaction between both Clint and I and our girls. Such treasured moments!

      And, Sophie, maybe you're talking about blogging about your birth which I don't think I did, but I did find that I blogged quite a bit after our second was born. I think it made me stay in the moment and find beauty even though I was so tired. I remember being so glad that I was blogging... sweet reminders of those early days.

  8. Get the toddler into the car and the door shut - no need to tie her in straight away (esp if on a busy road); then put baby in properly... then you can go back and belt her in properly; just need to make sure the child lock is set, so she can't reopen the door and escape! I found that the easiest way, then you don't have to put the baby down on the side of the road while belting her in. I still do this now and 'baby' is 13 months; and my big girl can get herself into her own seat and ready for me just to belt her in once I have finished with the younger one!

    First post after bubs was born:

  9. Hey lovely! So exciting...!
    Your instincts are correct - strap that toddler in first - the baby aint going nowhere.
    And as for some light midnight novel reading... do you have a tablet of any kind? If so I recommend downloading the Overdrive app, finding your local library and logging in with your library card. Then you can download free eBooks, which can would be so much easier than holding a book AND a baby - prop the tablet up on something, adjust the screen brightness to suit and even enlarge the font size for easy reading.

    In terms of books - Jodi Picoult. She has myriads of eBooks in the library. But if Jodi isn't your thing, then try Stephen Lawhead for some great fantasy/historical/mythical novels (with a spiritual/Christian twist). His new series is GREAT (Starts with 'The Skin Map' and is available on eBook).
    You won't mind waking up in the night to read them, I promise.

  10. Wow, so much good advice here. Went I've got no.2 on the way, I'll come back here for a good look.

    I wish I could help in some way?! Dee*construction might have some words of wisdom, especially on the home-birth front, and especially on the multiple child front, on any family front.


  11. Im reading a great book at the moment called The Universe v Alex Woods.


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