Thursday, May 9, 2013


Yesterday was MrMoo's 27th Birthday!

He wanted to have his family over for dinner (his request was meatloaf, his fav) and attend his weekly Wednesday night indoor cricket game. Sneakily I had arranged for some of his besties to come over while he was at cricket and surprise him with a dessert party afterwards!


I LOVE SURPRISES! (especially when I'm planning them)

I'm sad to say I fell asleep on the couch around 10.30, and am completely beat today, but it was all worth it. MrMoo had a great time and was completely surprised!

Today I'm cleaning up, putting all the toys back in place and having the cutest little girl over (and her Mum... she's pretty cute too) for a play date.

Oh, and I'll be making up a few more LOVE BOMBs today too :)



  1. Happy birthday, Mr Moo! What a lucky guy to have a wife that does this kind of stuff for him.

  2. awesome! I love surprises too.

  3. Surprises are awesome - Happy Birthday!

  4. snap! I just posted about a lovely surprise too! Sounds like Mr Moo had a great birthday! Well done you for putting in the time and effort for such a fab night.

  5. Happy Birthday to MrMoo. What a nice surprise you planned for him!


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