Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Preparing for Feeding

I had a great breastfeeding relationship with Milla right from the first minutes of her life. She latched straight away and continued to feed well over the next year.

I can see now that there are a few things I can do to prepare for feeding to make it as comfortable and easy as possible for both of us. Here's a few tips if you're planning to go down that road yourself:

1) Clothing: Your whole wardrobe is going to be based on accessibility for the next few months. As baby gets older and you're feeding less you can get away with wearing some trickier clothing items, but until then layers are going to be your best friends!

I have one of these new Breastmates Clip On Cami's that I can't wait to use! Its another in the Breastmates self designed and produced line, it clips on to a maternity bra so you don't have extra straps on your shoulders, you're not stretching down your ordinary singlet tops(!!) and you dont have a million layers over your boobs.

I love Breastmates clothing, the quality is so good and long lasting and this is no different. I'm still wearing my Glory Maternity Dress from earlier in the year and still loving it. 

Breastmates clothes are made from great materials, they wash so well and they fit!! I really can't recommend them enough!

I plan to wear this cami at night allowing for easy access and support from my maternity bras. They have a huge range of other styles of feeding singlets if you're in the market for one.

2) Nightwear
Consider what you're going to wear at night. You'll want to stay warm, especially in the winter months and feeding can often leave your chest and shoulders exposed.

This time around I've gone for flannel winter PJs so I can unbutton them at the front. I should probably have thought more about my colour choice but the range available at the time was disappointingly limited!

3) Hydration!
I did not realise how much I would need to drink!! So. crazy. thirsty! I'm normally a cup drinker, but having bottles around was just so handy! I would always have one in my handbag! Don't even think about leaving the house without water.

One of the best "new Mama" gifts I was given in my first week with my first born was a couple of bottles of flavoured water. I was told at the time "water can get pretty boring when you're drinking so much" and I didn't really comprehend how true that was until it hit me!! Flavoured water quickly became my treat friend. This time I've been slowly stocking up so I can have my water-treats on hand.

4) Feeding friends
I found it so hugely important and encouraging to have breastfeeding Mama friends. First time round I had 3 close friends who all had babies within a few months of each other. Each of us breastfed and it was never ever a big deal. It was totally normal to us. I'm so thankful for that! I'm also thankful for a Mum and Nana who tell it like it is and fed each of their children (my mum had 5!). They are hugely encouraging (and honest). And a Dad who told me to get "over it" and "just feed my baby forgoodnesssake". Its so vital to have encouraging supportive people around you, whether they are feeding at the time or not.

Here's to a successful feeding relationship with my newest daughter! I can't wait to have that bond with her and be able to provide, sustain, soothe and connect with her all at once! 


  1. Ooo, I like the sound of those camis - think I might have to get one now that it is officially FREEEEEEZING!
    You might notice things are a bit different 2nd time around - your skin might not get so dry, and your...tender areas might not be quite so tender ;)
    And I think #4 is so important. Supportive partner and friends and family - whether they are/were feeding or not - is vital.

  2. Sounds like you had a really awesome experience feeding your sweet baby - so jealous! For some people it is not so simple, and even though I've made peace with my decision not to breastfeed there are moments when I dearly wish I could just comfort my little one with the boob. Having a good first experience will definitely help towards your new breastfeeding journey! So exciting that your bub is almost here... xxx

  3. Don't forget the breast pads! I had washable reusable ones and disposable ones. My first son was a fantastic feeder but it took a while to establish feeding with my second son. I was actually breastfeeding him whilst reading your blog :)


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