Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Aprils Month

Milla meets a horse and foal [LOVE at first sight]

April. Where did you come from and where did you go?

You have been my favourite (and least fav) month so far this year. You were busy but you were also extremely quiet. Too many extremes for my liking.

First and foremost, the Bloggers Connecting conference held most of my attention in the first half. I feel like I'm still recovering from it - trying to find my feet in the world again. Is this what it feels like when you return to the workforce after having children? Who am I? Who did I use to be? Who am I now?

I'm yet to do a round up of the whole weekend but I will. This sort of stuff needs to be on record.

Another extreme, raising over $900 so that we could send Deb to give away one of her quilts in Melbourne. Then getting to send the left over dosh to two fabulous women. (you can see our latest Sisterhood project here, we're doing our biggest love bomb mission ever!)

I'm in full nesting mode - I've made cosy chevron cushions (which now need a polyfill refill) and did a tea trolley makeover.

I also took the time last week to write all about our summer, catch up on the posts (especially when its cold out):: 2012 Christmas, Our New Car, Holiday in Akaroa (contains my best memory of the year!!), Berry Picking at Sweethearts, Animal Park at Spencer Park

AND! My post with the most views this month, how to link your email address to your blogger comments. Lots of you are no reply bloggers. For shame! (I really enjoy doing these tutorials for you, let me know if you have anything specific you'd like to learn!)


In April I have had some beautiful sponsors on my blog that I am so proud to represent!  

Scamps, an online ecoproduct store for mums, babies and kids have some great products that are worth checking out! 

I love their philosophy and it suits me perfectly, I'm currently eyeing up their baby and hair wash for Milla, she has sensitive skin and it looks perfect!  

Rose In Thorns are a Christchurch based business, they make delicious hand made candles, some of them are in glass jars, others are in vintage tea cups! 

I've been lighting candles most nights when Millas gone to bed as part of my nesting and resting process and was lucky enough to try some soy candles myself. We also gave away LOTS of them in our bloggers connecting goodie bags! They were a huge hit, they smell delicious and you know they are going to burn equally as good! 

I met Stella, the woman behind Golden Adventures of a Very Dark Horse at the bloggers conf - she oozes creativity and talent and it was so great to run a workshop with her at BlogCon. 

I'm so pleased to call her a partner of Sophie Slim - she's doing lots of really awesome giveaways this month so go and check her out (but let me win! hehe)

((if you're interested in having your blog or brand represented on Sophie Slim check out my advertising options)

Thanks for reading my blog this month! Its a pleasure to turn up here day after day and to see your words left for me! :)

Love, Sophie


  1. What a month eh? Bring on May x

  2. crazy month huh! Looking back it seems SO FULL, and yet there has been a lot of down time around here too... Guess that's the way life should be. Love that we have both been doing monthly recaps this year, great minds! Such a nice way to round off a month and appreciate the things you've done and achieved. x x


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