Thursday, May 2, 2013

Colourful Jars

Jar covers were my first inspiration to learn to crochet almost 3 years ago. 

One year later I finally learnt and made a crochet jar cover, and this week I've made three! 

It's all part of my home lovin' and nesting. I'm just trying to make this place more us, more me, and more happy.  

Speaking of homes, our little flat we rent has just gone up for sale. Would somebody please buy it and keep us on as tennants / not raise our rent again? That would be fabulous, thank you. Otherwise I might just go into early labour. Trying not to think about it. 

And here's a bonus shot of my Sophie Slim workstation. We're lucky enough to have a spare room (for the next few months anyway). This room is a collaboration of: The Sisterhood HQ, craft supplies, Mr Moos business, spare bed, spare TV, washing and drying and folding room, and anything else that needs a quick home!

More creations on Sophie Slim
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  1. I love, love, love them!! They're so bright!

  2. love them Sophie! I remember the days we had such a room, now it's filled with a little person!

  3. Love them!! Gorgeous happy colours, and anything striped has to be a winner.

    Also - I've stayed in that room - does that make me famous by proxy??! xx

  4. Love them and especially love the bright happy colours! I hope some lovely people buy the block and keep you on :)

  5. they are so cute!
    Stink about your flat for sale. :(

  6. They're awesome! I could do with some for my sewing room.

  7. Its nice to see your little space and the jar covers really help give it some fun and colour. I have heaps of baby jars - thanks for giving me an idea for how to rework some of them. (Funny that my 'show and tell' is also storage for my home sewing corner)

  8. I love your jar covers but even more so I LOVE the self made poster! Love the saying/quote/verse Love the poster Love Love Love . . . . .

  9. The jar covers are so bright and colourful! I love them x

  10. Wow - don't need that stress around having your little bubba! I'll keep you and your family (of four) in my prayers. Yuck - I hate worry. Peace!!!!

    What's the scripture reference to the print? It's Awesome! Somewhere in Proverbs 31?

    I remember when you started the crochet adventure. Long may it continue :)


  11. oh Sophie that is tough. LOve the colours on the jar covers xx

  12. Lovely and tidy! A great little idea to pretty up some tins!

  13. Love these....I might have to have a go myself....all for brightening up the home :)
    Hope you get good news with your flat xx

  14. These are such a great idea! Loving all things bright at the moment! Love your blog calender! I feel like I need one of those at the moment! ;) Hazel


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