Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lined Drawstring Bag Gift

Lined drawstring bag made by me from The Stash + $3 wooden puzzle from The Warehouse = 1 inexpensive gift from Baby to Milla when she is born. 

This baby is already on a budget, and she's lovin' it. 

Debs lined drawstring bag tutorial was a huge hit! It leaves the bag so neat and tidy with no seams. I'll be making more for our other puzzles and have ideas of what other items NEED their own bags too! The only problem is I'm running a little short on time to actually complete all these dreams of mine!

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  1. Cute! I always had intentions of putting all our puzzles in drawstring bags but somehow never quite got there...
    great gift idea.

  2. So clever! And so great for puzzles!

  3. Its uber cute Sophie! Well done you

  4. looks so cool! oh to be a good sew-er! we're also thinking about what to give our girls from our baby when he's born. not too much longer for you! :)

  5. Awesome Sophie! I made a stack of similar handmade pressies to have on hand for party gifts when my children were a wee it smaller

  6. i totally need this sort of bag for clauds puzzle pieces-it drives me bonkers trying to put them together again so i can put them away!

  7. so cute and colourful!its a great idea too as it will all stay in one place.

  8. That would also make a cute gift for a birthday....great way to organise puzzles! :)


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