Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mamas Knitting

This week I'm showing off my own Mama's handy work. She's a knitter from way back, from that generation that just does it. They clothed their own kids with their skills, they didn't blog or instagram about it for recognition, they didn't look to Pinterest. Because of that she's not often told how amazing her handiwork is so I wanted to publicly praise her!

I am always blown away by my Mums knitting skills. She uses only the loveliest of wools and everything is of such exceptional quality. I am SO lucky to have her as my mum (I was a warm kid!) and the Nana of my own children.  

These are some of her latest creations for Baby Moo2, our latest creation due anytime in the next month. Most of these patterns we were dressed in as kids, my Mum remembers the patterns, they are classics and she can do them with her eyes closed. 

I particularly love the little newborn cardi in the top right of the photo below. Its so teeny and sweet, it looks like it was made for a little doll. 

And the booties. Oh the booties. Milla was dressed in the same ones so I requested them again.

Thank you Mama!! You are an inspiration! 



  1. Lovely x
    And anytime time in the next month - weeeeee!!!

  2. Oh wow, so lovely! I think I've said it before but I love love LOVE baby knits! Your Mama is one talented lady! x

  3. Wow, your mother is an amazing talent

  4. So fortunate to have such a talented Mama
    My Grandmother and Nana were both talented ladies
    Beautiful knits and so lovely to see babies in hand made items and a Mama who appreciates hand made

  5. Can your Mum teach me how? I would love to make a blanket like that but don't know how:( x Georgie

  6. Oh, that is so lovely! My step-mother is a knitter and she has made the loveliest things for our little E. It is so nice to have hand knitted woolens to keep little ones warm! And such a lovely thing for your mum to make the same stuff for your little ones that she made for you!

  7. Just gorgeous - what an awesome Mum and what a lucky little girl! x

  8. So beautiful! The blanket! have a clever mama :))


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