Monday, May 20, 2013

LOVE [bomb] Making

On Saturday night 8 other ladies come over to my place for dessert and to help make up LOVE BOMBs for The Sisterhood.

I was completely humbled by this. I so wanted to have everything organised before they got there, to have all the Love Bombs done and read to send, to be able to show them that I was superwoman. But I'm not *sigh* I'm just Sophie. Heavily pregnant, tired, human Sophie.

Instead of making Love Bombs I vaccumed, printed and organised so that these generous 8 COULD help. And they did. They helped so much. Each of them so enthusiastic about doing so, I was well and truly blessed to have them care so much about The Sisterhood and the women (and man) we were bombing.

Thank you to Michelle, Roz, Miriam, Amy, Amanda, Treena, Rachel and Holly! I couldn't have done it without you. And if you couldn't make it, or live in a different city, thank you for your kind thoughts and willingness to help. I really did feel your presence on Saturday night. I felt wrapped in support. Thank you! 

(the chocolate aisle at HQ)

Each of the ladies were given at least two nominations, they were given a few details about who they were making the Love Bomb for and then they went about "shopping" for them. I had all your goods layed out (soooo much when it was all pulled from The Shelves and displayed!!) so they were accessible. 

I flitted around between everyone answering questions, printing off more poems and finding addresses. 

Throughout my flitting I heard ladies suggesting items for others, caring about all of the nominations not just their own. "Oh! This will be perfect for your Mums son!" etc. It touched my heart that they were taking their Love Bomb role so seriously.

Miriam lay on the floor most of the time writing out heart felt cards. She had a pained knee at the end of it, that woman sacrificed herself! 

Once goodies were collected they took them down to the HQ room, photographed, boxed and wrapped them up with the addresses. There they were stacked, 29 of the in total (and more to add over the next few days)

Michelle bought me muffins for my freezer (for post baby!) and did my dishes for me when the night was over.

Like I said, I felt well and truly blessed. The Sisterhood was blessed. 29 women around the country were blessed.

I can't wait to show you the photos of all of the LOVE BOMBs and to tell you a little more about the recipients. 

Just think, in the mean time a courier could be knocking at your neighbours door, delivering a parcel just for her. A parcel that needs no thanks, just acceptance, because we wanted to love and appreciate. Women all over New Zealand pooled what they had so they could do that loving and appreciating. So we could say "you aren't alone" or "we can see what you do" or "kia kaha"

Thank you for making that possible. Be back in a few days with more LOVE BOMB updates

Thanks to Post Haste for the free postage! Phew!

(beauty aisle at HQ)

PS - Sisters, have you entered the jewellery giveaway happening on my blog right now?


  1. Looks like a great night! So sorry I couldn't be there as I'm still living in Auckland until the end of the month. But I am definitely keen to be involved in future events :) Tania xx (purple.monkey010[at]

  2. You all did an amazing job!!'s good to hear you are human after all - I was getting suspicious of that superhero cape I saw ;)

  3. this is such wonderful work you people, bless you all x

  4. it was a lovely night Sophie and I would have told you off if it was all done already. Best bit - God fixed my knee on Sunday morning! Whoop :o)

  5. Well done Sophie and your 8 wonderful ladies. Keep up the good work.


  6. So lovely - what a great team of people x


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