Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Preparing my mind, body and spirit for what lays ahead. 

There's something completely fierce about child birth, when I have felt my most strongest, weakest and feminine all in the same moments. 

I know what lay ahead and this time around I am embracing it and doing all I can to be prepared, educated and equipped. 

Fearless. And joyful. 


  1. That top verse was one of my key ones from my last labour. I couldn't remember where it was from but when I ripped off April on our calender (which is one from my son's Christian Kindy) it was that month's memory verse along the bottom! My bible has a really good commentary on what 'discipline' means - I can email it to you if you like! All the best x

  2. Love these verses. I need to be doing this too. What other ways are you finding helpful to prepare yourself well? I'm 6 weeks behind you and hoping for a VBAC. Having had the girls at 26 weeks I don't feel like I've had a 'real' experience of birth...so this time will hopefully see me going to term give or take! All the very best for yours :)

  3. For some reason the second time around doesn't seem as surreal as the first. What a beautiful post and all the best for you and baby

  4. Go you fearless lady - you. I regularly recite this to Miss M. it's so fundamental to our peace! x


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