Thursday, May 23, 2013

Crochet Bear Hat

Lets just all stop for a moment and appreciate how freakin' cute my daughter is. Yup. I make pretty adorable babes.

Anyway, Milla HATES hats so I was reluctant to buy her any for this winter. Instead I wanted to make her one, then I would feel proud but wouldn't feel bad if she wouldn't keep it on. That was my theory anyway. Now that I think about it, if my plan didn't work I would have been heart broken. BUT. My plan worked.

I'm starting to have to be a bit more intentional with Milla, explaining to her what we're going to do when we get somewhere (say hi, share etc), the same goes with clothes and hats. "Its cold outside so when we go in the pram we need to wear our hats!"

She's coming 'round to the idea and wore this hat the whole walk to Toddlerock (breakthrough!)

She thought the ears on this hat were pretty cool. When she put it on to show her Dad she cupped her hands under her chin and pulled the cutest grin. Can't imagine what I mean? Just think cute.



  1. gorgeous little one! and lovely hat...might have to add that to my list when i can crochet a bit better! :)

  2. Super cute Sophie. The hat AND your little one :) xx

  3. SO CUTE! I LOVE hats with ears. Love them. Perhaps I need to learn to crochet so I can make one for this baby... (I think that will happen only as soon as I stop sleeping so that I can use the full 24 hours in a day to get everything that needs doing done...)

  4. Super cute !! !! !!
    Hookin up a hat at the moment in amongst every thing else

  5. Yes she is soooo adorable I can't deny it and even more so wearing that cute hat!!

  6. Oh so cute! and yay for her agreeing to work it! x

  7. love it she is SO adorbs, so adorbs and your skills are pretty impressive too lady x


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