Tuesday, May 7, 2013

On Having a Staycation

Stay-cationing is a holiday at home! It comes with all the benefits of having a holiday, and all the benefits of staying at home (in your own bed!) and relaxing!

Some minor details definitely made our Stay-Cation a winner so I wanted to share them here if you are considering your own.

  • We agreed on having a staycation long before we were on it. We looked forward to it and my husband and I were both in agreeance that it would be a good time for our family.
  • We made a list ahead of time of some things in our city that we loved doing, and also asked friends for their own ideas. Our friends had lots of suggestions we had never heard of before so it was worth asking around. 
  • Being a young family (with a toddler and being pregnant again) most of the things on our list were small trips around the city that were toddler friendly and were cheap / free! 
  • After creating our list we decided to keep it flexible and woke up every morning to decide what we would do off this list. This was based off energy levels, amounts of sleep and the weather outside. The only rule was we had to do at least something.
  • We bought a few extra groceries and treats since we were going to be home a lot.
  • At night we invited over friends, had delicious meals and deserts and ate plenty of junk food.
  • After the day was over we got to tuck up in our own beds and wake up and doing it all again the next morning! 
Some of the things we did on our stay-cation:

This holiday was one of the best I have ever had, and definitely the best that we've had together as a family. It was a perfect combination of exploring and adventures, with comfort and keeping routine and naps (to keep us sane!)

If you ever go on a stay-cation I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Love the idea of a stay-cation! Like you I am just in love with my beautiful city xxx

  2. I really like this idea. A big 'vacation' is usually (never!) in our budget, but a stay-cation we could do. I like the flexible list, and the anticipation of it being a good holiday. Also that you had friends over for dinner in the evenings - that appeals to my people-person nature!

  3. Great tips! We're planning a staycation for all of next week & have a 4 year-old and 1 year-old. We live in a great city and are excited to play tourist while also having regular nap times. Thanks for your ideas!


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