Monday, April 29, 2013

Spencer Park Animal Farm

Spencer Park Animal Farm

This was a great find within Christchurch, suggested to us by a friend as part of our Stay-Cation agenda!

Spencer Park is in Brooklands, just on the outskirts of North Christchurch. The entrance to the Animal Farm is directly opposite the main entrance to Spencer Park. It isn't sign posted, you wouldn't even know its there.

There's a little driveway, a few carparks and a sign on an inconspicuious gate that says "Open 9-5. Please shut the gate" and that is the only clue (that and all the roosters crowing). There is no one there to collect money or supervise you. Each time we have been there has always been at least one other family there. 

Inside is a small area of land - chickens and roosters roam free, bunnys are in huge hutches, peacocks (my fav!) wander around and do what peacocks do, there's about 6 aiveries filled with birds and 3 or 4 Kune Kune pigs inside a very large pen.

Our little girl loves anything that moves and has something other than human skin (dreading the day she realises some people actually collect animals as pets!). She loved this animal park and we went back multiple times over the summer! 

Each time was different, with different weather and times of the day some animals preferred to sleep than hang out with us! 

Do you have any hidden secrets in your town? If you live in Christchurch please share yours in the comments, we're always on the look out for fun (cheap) things we can do as a family! 

[This week I'm reminiscing in my 2013 Summer Series. I had a great summer but most of it wasn't blogged about due to morning sickness. Here's my record!]

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