Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nesting In The Dark

As I've lamented before, I'm having a newborn right at the start of a cold Christchurch winter. I'm not a winter person. When I discovered this news I put it to you for advice on what I could do to embrace the season. 

One of my readers said she likes to make an effort when she pulls the curtains at night, "Think of it like starting the day again instead of the day being over" she said! Think slippers, candles, music, lamps, baking in the oven. Anything that whispers comfort and warmth.

Every night since daylight savings I have made an effort to do just that. The curtains get pulled, the dishes are done, the candles are lit! 

I even went and bought fluffy new slippers.

I got these delicious candles from a Craft Love Festival stall holder and Around The Table sponsor. 

Rose In Thorns will be at Craft Love AND inside your goodie bags(!) if you're a conference attendee this weekend, then you can smell them for yourselves.

Vanilla is my favourite. When I light them is it silly to say its filling me with happiness? Theres just something about those little flames flickering away while I sit down on the couch with a hot chocolate and try and relax.

They are handmade here in Christchurch, these particular ones are hand poured soy votive candles. Rose has a huge range of hand poured candles, i'm sure each of them just as delicious as these! 

I love nesting during pregnancy, the desire is so strong and instinctual and I love to bend to its will. If the microwave needs cleaning, it needs cleaning now. 

What are your 'embracing the cold and dark' tips? 

[[We've also got new fluffy sheets for the bed, a new blanket, slippers (PJs to come), new bras, a self-made rug for the lounge and cushions on the to-make list! I'm determined for this to be a comfortable cosy season for our family. Only 2 and a bit more months!!]]


  1. I understand Sophie! Luckily our husbands have been through this before so understand the 'urgency' of nesting requirements. I'm so glad that we are the same-ish way through regarding this weekend, hope my limited stamina holds up!

  2. So excited about this weekend! Having major angst about your name badge. Hope it's ok/ worthy/ suitable/ I need to relax/ get out more.

  3. Nesting... candles... comfort... bliss... x

  4. Sooo lovely. I LOVE soy candles!
    What a great sponsor!
    Two months! Eek you must be so excited. SO much to look forward to.

    Cosying up and embracing the season with a new bundle is so precious. Yay for snadles

  5. Love Roses candles!! Nothing beats the flicker of candle light in the evenings! Loving watching your 'nesting progress' through your blog!!

    :) Hazel

  6. Love all your ideas for dealing with winter. I love lighting candles as the nights draw in. Fairy lights are good too. Also at this time of the year I find myself burning more essential oils - especially lavender before bed.
    Happy nesting :-)

  7. Such great ideas. I'm not a huge fan of winter either but there are definitely ways to make the most of every season we find ourselves in and embrace them rather than just endure. Oh and I recognise the gorgeous candles from the goody bags too! xx


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