Friday, April 26, 2013

Summer Berry Picking

Berry picking at Sweethearts

One of the ideas for our Stay-Cation list was to go raspberry picking at Sweethearts at Berryfields.

I worked as a waitress at Sweethearts for a few years as a teenager, and during each summer would run their Berry Shop. We eventually got married there a few years later, it was the perfect location for my  summer outdoor wedding dream, amongst the berry vines and under the big trees. 

Despite working in the Berry Shop for years, I never actually tried any berries while I was there so I was excited to go back and try out their pick-your-own service.

From memory it worked out to be about $10-$13 a KG, which was about half a buckets worth.

At the time Milla was 16 months old and handled berry picking like a pro. I was SO surprised (and thrilled) to discover that we could take her some where, quickly teach her something new and she could grasp it straight away.

We taught her to pick the RED raspberries, how to hold and pull them and put them in the bucket. She went along the vine picking all the red ones. Some got squished in her fingers, a few green ones ended up in the bucket, but overall I was thoroughly impressed!

MrMoo and I had a good time too, we even went back with out of town friends a few weeks later to do the same again.

The second time around we had afternoon tea in their gardens, right where we were married. 

Its such a lovely atmosphere there, I really do love the whole complete business, it is great for locals and tourists. Think devonshire teas, raspberry dacquris, berry punnets, frank sinatra and all the waitresses in pinnies. 

I am loving finding all these new things that our family enjoys that could become traditions one day. I think berry picking at Sweethearts will be on our yearly summer to-do!

[This week I'm reminiscing in my 2013 Summer Series. I had a great summer but most of it wasn't blogged about due to morning sickness. Here's my record!]

[Sweethearts At Berryfields are not a sponsor or partner of Sophie Slim.]


  1. I've been meaning to make a trip to Berryfields! It sounds so girlie! I'd love to have a party or function there! Your little one is so cute, she looks the part with that big bucket in her hands! Lovely to find a fellow Christchurch blogger by the way :)
    xoxo Amie @ Spoonful of Vintage

  2. Lovely! Our raspberries were a total wash out this year due to the drought, but my kids right from little have loved picking berries :) Aren't little ones such good helpers?

  3. Its such a great spot there. Me and claud and my bestie amd her daughter got all dressed up a birthday high tea there. It was gorgeous x

  4. I love Berryfields, I've only had high tea and lunch there though, I don't know why I haven't been berrypicking there though, I had no idea you could pick them yourselves! Ah, I'm going to have to do it next berry season. I live around the corner so I don't really have an excuse not to go :P!

    So lovely to read how quickly your little one picks up on things and learns so quickly :) What a darling!


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