Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Am Who I Am

See you at Around The Table, in ONE day! Whaaaat!

I'm so excited to meet so many of you, but thought you should know some things about the -real- me, because as I've read peoples blogs and met them in the flesh I have realised that most of what I read online is read in my own voice. I create a picture of someone and assume they're mostly like me. Then when I meet them *shockhorror* they're someone completely different.

It is quite funny to then continue to read their online words in -their- voice now that I know them. It changes everything!


I did write a big list of disclaimers, but I've deleted it. I'm excited to meet you, just as much as I'm excited to be -met-. Often I worry that you all have some crazy idea that I'm this person who doesn't exist. I try so hard to be my real self on this space so it will be nice to be met and to know that you know the real me.

I am who I am :)

One disclaimer, I'm terrible with names so if I stare blankley just remind me of your blog name heehee. I'm much better with a photographic memory :)

And all my other qwirks? You'll just have to find out for yourself ;)

I can't wait to meet you all (just remind me of your blog name at the same time!) we're going to have a lot of fun and I've been really genuinely praying that this is a really inclusive weekend for everyone! Lots of friendships to be made and lots of people breaking out of their comfort zones to make others feel welcome and loved!

Peace, see you tomorrow!


Ps - did you see Around The Table in The Press?


  1. Hey, I did just see about your conference online. I'm in Wellington and have only been blogging for about 18 months but would love to talk more with you all about how you go about it. You will see from my link that my blog is a little different - a housewife who used to drink too much wine who decided to get sober and blog to help me do it.. I didn't set out to get readers but have attracted many and now have an amazing online community of readers & bloggers. We all help and support each other. Mostly my readers are overseas but I do have some kiwis comment every now and then. I'd love love love to hear from more kiwi women like me who feel miserable about their booze intake (that's my pipe dream, to have an online place where NZ women can talk and support each other). I am keeping myself fairly anonymous for now but might change that..would be great to talk to others like you for advice. If you have any material from the conference could you email it to me? I don't mind paying a fee. Anyway, just wanted to touch base and say hi. From Mrs D xxx..

  2. See you tomorrow?!!!! Oh my goodness! It's come up SO FAST! This week so many of us have been blogging about how nervous we are and our strange little quirks that we need to 'watch out' for. It's comforting to know that we're all human! I'm looking forward to meeting you Sophie - I'll make sure I introduce myself as Jess B from Just Ordinary Us. :)

  3. One more sleep, whaaaaat?!!! Excited to meet you Sophie, and I am totally with you on the 'making this an inclusive weekend'. Totes.

  4. NO more sleeps!
    3 of landing 10pm tonight
    See you tomorrow SQUEEEEEE

  5. We are all writing these posts today it would seem! Brilliant Sophie - I am SO looking forward to meeting you!

  6. eep eep eep! My disclaimers are, I'm a loser and will have no friends and no one will talk to me.... ok, time to put my big girl pants on! See you tomorrow!

  7. There's no excuse Miriam, we'll all have name tags :P

  8. Looking forward to meeting you Sophie - and I am just the same with names! So terrified I'm going to offend people by not knowing their names!

  9. Can't wait to finally meet everyone, this is going to be an awesome weekend! I am nervous about meeting so many new people but I hope it will end up being a fun weekend.

  10. Hello Sophie, I just want to wish you all a wonderful weekend 'around the table'. I hope everyone goes home having learnt something new but most of all having made new friends while there.



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