Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Akaroa Memories - The Best Ever

To Akaroa

My absolute favourite part of the summer were the 3 nights we had in Akaroa together.

We were told in December that we could use a permanent caravan over New Years if we wanted, for free with all amenities, all we'd have to take was our own food.


Akaroa is a small town in Banks Penninsula. It has a whole lot of history and is one of those quaint holiday destinations that Cantabrians often frequent. MrMoo spent a few years growing up in a tiny bayside town nearby. My own experience in going there has always been arriving and saying "now what?" then leaving again. There isn't a whole lot to do around the place unless you have an agenda. 

A collection of memories:

I have SUCH fond memories of watching MrMoo walking around holding Millas hand, of saying that she was just getting to that age where we could take her somewhere and teach her something new to make the most of it. Her sitting on the mat eating her breakfast, watching cars go by out the front fence. Playing swingball. Oh, that giggle. 

We had eggs bene for breakfasts, fish n chips for lunch and barbecues for dinner 
We woke early from birds on the roof and dreamed / plotted of ways to get rid of them. 

We packed our bags and frequented little bays and beaches around the penninsula. MrMoo loved driving our new car and he held on to my leg in a reassuring way because I hated the twisty roads on top of volcanoes. He kept us safe.

We fished and explored and collected sea shells.

We made sandcastles by day and played cards together by night, outside, underneath the setting sun and the stars while MrMoos ice clanked around in his whiskey and my own juice bubbled away and music sang from the laptop. (This moment: My favourite of the whole year. I'm so glad MrMoo snapped a photo of it (below).)

We talked about our favourite parts of the year, what we loved doing, what we wanted to do more of. We talked about our goals and hopes and dreams. We talked about the newest addition to the family and became excited together. 

We went to bed at 11pm on New Years Eve, our second year in a row not making it till midnight - proof of family status. MrMoo joked that I was too pregnant to last till midnight, and I laughed when he fell asleep on the sofa at 11. 

We invited a friend to come stay with us for a night, he taught MrMoo more about the barbeque, they went fishing and stayed up really late watching movies. 

We laughed and loved. Funny how those two go hand in hand. I don't think I've ever laughed and loved so much before.

Akaroa, you were good to our family. 

[This week I'm reminiscing in my 2013 Summer Series. I had a great summer but most of it wasn't blogged about due to morning sickness. Here's my record!]

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