Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We Sent Deb Away To Bless

Sisters, in all our time, never have we before been so privileged to know someones personal situation so well. Often I do, but we mostly work under cover and anonymity so private details and specifics aren't shared, choosing to believe that we dont need to know every detail about someones lives to know that we can bless them.

That was until I introduced you to Deb, a friend of mine, and Cam, a friend of hers. Two ladies, two precious quilts, and one big opportunity.

At Easter time Deb mentioned on Twitter and Facebook that she was looking for someone flying to Melbourne who could take a quilt over there with her. Because the quilt was too precious to be trusted to a postal company.

The quilt was a big hug, made by people in New Zealand and Australia for an inspiring, colourful and creative woman who had just had a life saving double lung transplant.

I had watched this quilt grow on Instagram as people from Australasia sent in quilt blocks with their embroidered names on them. This quilt brought people together and it meant something.

I had already been gifted a quilt by Deb, my Kindness Day quilt, and I knew first hand how talented she was, and also what such a gesture could mean to a persons spirit. I knew that Deb needed to deliver the quilt to Cam and give her one of her healing hugs. The kind that can only come from someone who truly cares about you and means it. Thats what every hug from Deb feels like.

I knew that this act of love needed to be delivered in person; The power of the internet needed to be transferred to the power of a real friendship.

So when Deb mentioned she needed the quilt to get to Melbourne safely I thought the only way for that to happen would be for Deb to do it herself.

My heart started to race as The Sisterhood came to mind. Maybe we could raise The Money that was needed. I asked Deb how much she thought it would cost. $567 she said. *gulp*.

I had never asked The Sisterhood for money like that before. We've never been about money, deliberately so that those who don't have any extra dont feel like they can't be involved in what we're doing. I knew The Sisterhood were face-cream givers, but I didn't know if they were money givers.

I heard that YES. That urging inside that I know only comes from God. I told Deb we'd do it, all the while sweating beneath my clothes.


Thats all it took to reach our target to pay for Debs flights.

image from Curly Pops (Cam)

I had no idea that would happen. As email after email came in about transactions being made I learnt what stepping out feels like. It feels terrifying, and then ridiculously rewarding.

I also learnt more about Deb - someone recognised her photo (not knowing her) saying she had let their family take a doctors appointment when they were too late for their own. She made a donation. She knew of Debs Kindness. She wanted to bless Deb in return, while blessing Cam at the same time.

I announced to The Sisterhood that we had raised the money, but it still kept coming in.

$930 in total. 

With Deb on her plane we also sent Cam our Sisterhood card and $100 Australian cash - She dreams of having a bike, something that was not possible with her previous lungs. But now that her lungs are all shiny and new it can be a reality. Hopefully she'll use The Money towards a bike, or just on herself. Whatever it is, its hers.

More money was left over and with your consultation I decided to send two beautiful Mamas a Money Bomb - they each got a few treats and $100 to use however they wish. Both ladies are in different situations and have different needs, but money comes into the situation on both counts. I asked them to use The Money on paying off a bill, or something on the "to get list" or just something to spoilt themselves and relieve some pressure. It's theirs. It's not a lot, but a woman on a budget can achieve many things!

Isn't it amazing that we are able to do that?

For being so prepared to give:

So many of you gave within minutes. Thank you for listening to your hearts and acting on them within the same beat.

For giving so JOYFULLY:
I received so many beautiful emails from you about this opportunity. Thank you for understanding that giving is a Joy and thank you for living in that. I prayed you would be blessed in that Joy.

Here's a little note from Deb:
"It was amazing. The afternoon I spent with Cam was perfect. I was wondering if I was meant to do something but I think being there was the something. There was something very special about actually handing over the quilt she had watched grow in Instagram. In this age where we are connected by technology, it is very special to actually be able to hug someone you have prayed so much for. Cam is the loveliest person too, it was a real treat to hang out with her. I met another lady Michelle and the three of us just sat and chatted and ate cupcakes. The quilt was the perfect size to wrap her in... Thanks so much for what you did. I know it was scary for both of us, but wasn't God so good to us both?? Amazing."

Sisters, I am honestly so blown away. Stunned. When I think back to those initial feelings of not knowing if we could pull this off, but hearing that YES anyway, I know now that when I hear the YES it will be possible.

I know that it is so important to equip others to do the blessing and to make that a possibility. I hope that as The Sisterhood grows and moves forward that would be something we are good at.

You shared the post about blessing Deb so well, please share this in return - tell the world that goodness is alive. Tell the world WE DID IT. 



  1. Oh my gosh Sophie, how amazing. Love this story and HEY! I have one the same! So blessed by the blogging community xxx
    P.S. You rock. Just saying.

  2. Hi Sophie, I have loved becoming acquainted with your blog. I would love to join The Sisterhood but when I clicked on the link to join, it brings up a page that says it's no longer there. Any ideas or tips I may have missed. Looking forward to being part of an amazing group of women!

  3. awesome. that is all. just awesome. x

  4. Oh my goodness, reading this brings tears to my eyes. I am still amazed that so many wonderful women who I will probably never meet have come together to make this amazing experience come true. I feel completely and utterly blessed.
    One of my transplant homework tasks this week was to write exercise goals for the next 6 months. My number one goal is to buy that bike and be able to ride like the wind. I'll always be able to remember that beautiful gift from the Sisterhood while riding. x

  5. Bawwwwwling. What a beautiful thing the Sisterhood has been able to accomplish.

  6. Oh WOW. Sophie the goosebumps!
    How AMAZING.
    Oh I love this sisterhood thing.


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