Friday, April 19, 2013

The Biggest LOVE BOMB Mission Ever

Sisters, It is so good to have you here today. Thanks for showing up!

Today I'm going to tell you about the biggest round of LOVE BOMBs The Sisterhood has ever planned to do. 

You see, my second child (a baby girl!) is due in June (9 week countdown!!) and we're needing to swap the rooms around in our house. Sisterhood HQ needs to down size into a different room with half the space it currently occupies.

But that's fine, it currently occupies a lot of space because we currently have A LOT of goodies in our Shelves of Glory, there's plenty to go around and there's no point it all just sitting there, right?

Lets use what we have! 

Amy & The Shelves - Taken in December, but they look much the same now :)

In the next month we are going to send as many LOVE BOMBs as we possibly can. As long as the nominations keep coming in, and the goods are there to go out we'll keep sending them. We want to bless as many as possible. Everyone has different needs - some people might just get a block of chocolate so they are reminded they are not alone, others will get crafty goods to inspire them and others will get full on - can't contain it - LOVE BOMBs. It will depend on your nominations!

I'll be updating our Sisterhood Facebook page with progress and also asking for specific needs as the nominations come in, and also talking about it here on the blog. And at the end of the month I'll do a huge big round up to tell you about all the amazing things that happened!

There are three things I want to give you details on: 1) How to nominate. 2) How to donate and 3) How to come to my home and help / meet me!

You can nominate anyone for a LOVE BOMB. But just so you have an idea, this is the description for the type of nominations we love:

We love women who against all odds and circumstances, continue to show up each day and give life their best. They treat their kids well, they do their job with diligence, they have a unique way of loving and respecting those around them.

We love to celebrate these women and thank them for belonging to our nation.

You can nominate someone by emailing the following information to sophieslim[at] (only nominations with full details will be considered)
-Full postal address (we can't send to rural addresses or PO Boxes sorry!)
-Reason for nominating
-What you think they would love / appreciate receiving from The Sisterhood. (Give me practical ideas!)

I'm going to be sifting through previous nominations for different missions, but please feel free to re-nominate someone and refresh my memory :)

Nominations are kept anonymous when talked about on FB and on the blog.

We have lots of goodies in our Shelves of Glory, but we could always do with more of what we use most often. Specifically:
-Chocolate! (The kind with the cardboard packaging)
-Food treats (yummy biscuits etc)
-Yummy coffee sachets
-Up to date magazines
-Novels in new condition
-Note books / stationary
-Vouchers for meals, malls, petrol, groceries etc

You can send these by NZ post to:
The Sisterhood
PO Box 10100

Please send these as soon as you can :)

3) Help / Meet Me!
I'm going to be opening up my little home and Sisterhood HQ on Saturday May 18th at 7pm. We'll be enjoying hot cups of liquid, chatting, and boxing up lots of LOVE BOMBs! This is a chance for you to meet me (if you want to) and also practically help a 35 week preggo and The Sisterhood at the same time! ;)

Please email me on sophie[at] if you want more info about this / my address :)


Sisters, I LOVE YOU!! I am so ridiculously excited!! There are no rules with this one (and doesn't it feel kind of freeing?!) There are no goals or aims, we're just going to send and send and bless and bless until we can't do it any longer!!!

Also, after meeting so many Sisters last weekend at a bloggers conference I'm looking forward to meeting more of you! I hope you'll think about coming over on the 18th :)


What goes inside a love bomb
Sisterhood Facebook page


  1. Wish I lived closer for this one Sophie, but I'm confident you'll have all the help you need (and more!). Great idea AGAIN.

  2. So keen to donate and to help Sophie!!!!!!

  3. Eeeep! I wish I'd taken a peek in those cupboards last weekend!! xxx

  4. Wow this is going to be amazing, I am going to have a hunt around my place and dig out some nice magazines and other things that are good enough to donate, as well as some chocolate :)

  5. If you lived closer I'd pop over to help, I think I've got some up to date magazines that I can pop in the post for you though! xx (Is my email connected now? She asks hopefully)

  6. All the best with your latest mission. xx

  7. I've been saving up a few things (why didn't I bring them with me last week?!) and will get some extra bits this week and send you a little box :-)
    Sounds like a fab idea!

  8. sounds awesome. Def planning on being there on the 18th xx

  9. I'll be there! (Rachel B)


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