Monday, October 21, 2013

2013 Ninja Bake Weekend Complete

This weekend hundreds of women pulled out their cooling racks, put on their ninja head gear and prepped the hubbys on the best places for a drop off and getaway.

Some waited in cars for the kids to come running down the driveway, others had a getaway vehicle running ready to go.

But at the heart of all the excitement, it was hundreds of women baking in secret for hundreds of others. Some were known to them, others were nominated and they were trusted to bless other peoples loved ones. But whatever and whoever, we all know one thing - it was a heartwarming, belly filling weekend of blessings, kindness and love.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this weekends Ninja Baking drop. Over 400 batches of baking were delivered in stealth (or not so stealth). Some were baked in the dark of the night, others with a group of cousins or work mates, or with little kiddo fingers pinching dough.

As a recipient of baking, I know that what you did was a good thing. You made someones day, or week. You released tears and brought about smiles and heart flutters. Thank you!

Here are a few photos and quotes from the weekend - photos sent in by bakers, and quotes pulled from comments left on our Facebook page over the weekend. Thank you for joining in on the Facebook page over the weekend too, there were lots of visitors and you welcomed them so well!

Check out our Facebook page here because this is just a very very small selection of what is on there!

"We've just received some lovely baking in our mailbox! Thank you to whomever nominated us, and thank you to whomever baked for us! It's been a big year, with the arrival of baby number three, a business to keep pushing and volunteer work to keep going. Knowing that we've been thought of in this way by someone is really appreciated." -Erin

"Oh my gosh! I just got ninja cookie bombed! Except the lovely ninja stayed and I got to give her a hug. Thank you!!!!" - Holly

"What a lovely surprise I got yesterday! It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much " - Louise

"Ninja Baking received after I had just received a phone call about my mum being rushed to the importance and meaning is always, ALWAYS more than baking....the note meant everything too, and knowing the effort and love that went into the baking.....and the effort to drop it off!....made it all the more special. Can't thank everybody enough." - Andrea

What might have been the trickiest Ninja drop of the weekend (hehe! would you believe they got in and out without being seen?):

Honorable mentions go to Treena-Marie for helping me so much with emailing and behind the scenes admin, to Katie for asking to ninja-bake for all the other bakers in her city and to everyone who registered as a baker or signed up a nomination! Thank you for caring beyond yourself and reaching out to bless someone else. You make this world go 'round, no doubt. 

Love to you all.

Here's what some bloggers have said about the Ninja Bake weekend:


  1. This is amazing! I love how this idea has grown and grown. :)

  2. So sad I only stumbled upon this website and concept over the weekend via facebook! Well done to all involved-I can't wait to participate in the next ninja bake!

  3. Sounds like it was a huge success all-round! Bring on the next Ninja Bake!

  4. Hey Sophie,

    I have finally got around to blogging about the Ninja Bake - it is VERY late due to technical problems... aka my computer dying and being unable to download photos after hubby fixed it!

    However, it is now up and running, and I have now posted my very late story:


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