Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Thoughts with a Wine

I am currently in my happy place [Harry Potter, crochet, glass of wine and cookies in the oven] so thought I would take a moment to pop in here and leave my mark.

Here are my random thoughts from a Sunday evening on a long weekend:

  • I'm very grateful for all the emails, advice and experience I have received on this new hitting phenomenon. I don't even like to type that word, it feels so dirty. We are giving Milla lots and lots of positive attention, firm and direct leading when situations turn to custard, chanelling her mothering and gentleness into her Dolly and trying to live a great day at a time. I think it might be working / helping. She is certainly responding to it well! 
  • I've been busy lately, my family, home and personal self have suffered because of it. Thankfully, its all self imposed busyness, which means I have the power to control it. Say no to the Rushing Woman! 
  • I have had a 14 year relationship with Harry Potter. I still enjoy it as much as I did back in Form One (year 2000) when all the cool girls were reading it. Mrs Drower, if you ever read this, I still have your Chamber of Secrets book I never returned!!! 
  • I've started a new crochet piece of art. It's fabulous, and I'm learning SO much about crochet in the process. It's filling my hands and my mind with colourful happiness and its good for the soul.
  • Milla and I are attempting to grow strawberries. I don't know if they do already, but society should promote growing things as a help for depression. Watching these little plants grow has brought me immeasurable joy and wonderings into the fullness and meaning of life. Another good for the soul activity.
  • I can't believe its nearly the end of year! My birthday is approaching, along with Christmas. I'm already pondering advents, activities and things to be done with Milla regarding the whole Jesus being born thing. Any fun ideas?!
  • Christmas gifts this year are being bought from local or small NZ businesses, I've already started online purchases. It feels good knowing i'm also being able to help someone else local buy their Chrissy presents! 
  • I miss you all. What have you been up to lately?!


  1. Hello! Love your happy place list - sound fantastic! I'm a HUGE fan of Harry Potter - re-reading the books for the first time in a while at the moment and enjoying dipping back into the written stories and remembering all the little bits that aren't in the movies! Enjoy the rest of the long weekend :-)

  2. I love Harry Potter- there is nothing quite like curling up with a good book. This weekend I have been busy organising my sister's hen's night and so bunting, goodie bags, and fake moustaches are all over the place! Lucas loves growing strawberries too- let me know how much success you have with them as they can be a fussy plant.


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