Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bathroom Declutter

More dirty laundry to be aired, more dusty, toothpaste covered bits and pieces to share. Lucky you. 

This is my bathroom, containing a stack of towels that just never fits in the cuppboard (even though you can clearly see a space that would fit them perfectly), an upside down baby bath that hasn't been used in over 10 months (we shower 'round here. The bath is just obviously there so visitors will think we're real parents who bath our children). Toilet paper in a basket on the floor and a tonne of products on the counter. 


Out goes the bath (now stored under the cot - it'll come in handy.. one day. It will.) and in comes another shelving unit. Toilet paper in the bottom, flannels hand towels and Camillas moisturiser in the top. Inside the green draw is stuff we use, but not every day. Likkkeee razor blades, different moisturisers, samples of things.. other stuff.

Under the counter more space has been made by throwing out products we never use, getting rid of the flannels and handtowels (into the shelving unit, you follow?), and exporting the medicines and first aid kit to the laundry. 

That made room for all the stuff on the top counter to go back into the orange baskets, one for me and one for MrMoo.

Thats the last of my Organising Declutter series, lets all keep our fingers and toes crossed that I win the awesome Tupperware set from Simone at Greatfun4kids

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  1. You've done awesome Sophie! Best thing I learned from this post: those coloured foldable box things fit perfectly into those wee shelves! I have some spares boxes (from a previous declutter) that will now have a home - rather than sitting in the corner of the dining room...

  2. Fabulous Sophie! I hope you win! (Love that you've joined in with the decluttering projects and love how it all turned out)

  3. Your baby bath WILL come in handy - in the summer when you need a paddling pool for your babes x


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